Yahiko is the Snack Vendor for MooShu.

Location: Left of the ring and boot shop in the Jade Palace in MooShu.

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Snack King

Snack Price Currency Image
Wafer Biscuit 750 Gold Wafer Biscuit.jpg
Squash 750 Gold Squash.jpg
Sliced Watermelon 750 Gold Sliced Watermelon.jpg
Potato Chips 750 Gold Potato Chips.jpg
Lollipop 750 Gold Lollipop.jpg
Chocolate Peanut 750 Gold Chocolate Peanut.jpg
Candy Bar 750 Gold Candy Bar.jpg
Buttered Popcorn 750 Gold Buttered Popcorn.jpg
Cow Pie 1,000 Gold Cow Pie.jpg
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