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MooShu - Shoshun Village

Gives quest

Ends quest

Yagi Sakai's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Cowl of Weighty Grief1,125Gold 100px 100px
Helm of the Ordered Spirit1,125Gold 100px 100px
Hat of Answered Questions1,125Gold 100px 100px
Coif of the Fair Winds1,125Gold 100px 100px
Hood of Icy Composure1,125Gold 100px 100px
Hat of Blazing Honor1,125Gold 100px 100px


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Cloak of Weighty Grief1,500Gold 100px 100px
Tunic of the Ordered Spirit1,500Gold 100px 100px
Coat of Answered Questions1,500Gold 100px 100px
Longcoat of the Fair Winds1,500Gold 100px 100px
Cloak of Icy Composure1,500Gold 100px 100px
Coat of Blazing Honor1,500Gold 100px 100px


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Footwear of Weighty Grief900Gold 100px 100px
Shoes of the Ordered Spirit900Gold 100px 100px
Boots of Answered Questions900Gold 100px 100px
Striders of the Fair Winds900Gold 100px 100px
Boots of Icy Composure900Gold 100px 100px
Footgear of Blazing Honor900Gold 100px 100px

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