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Wizards must reach Level 25 and talk to Merle Ambrose to enter Wysteria. You go here to compete in a tournament to win the spiral cup prize for Ravenwood. But unfortunately, at the same time, the competition isn't going too well...Strange, bad things are going on in Wysteria.


Wisteria Map



Pigswick Academy

Mrs Dowager
Belladonna Crisp
Benedict Glendemming
Dolly Salvador
Thaddeus Price
Chester Droors
Heironimus Bunch
Quentin Burble
Velma Pepper
Edna Fuligin
Captain O'Hare
Beatrice Wildwind
Bleys Flamerender
Denetta Sunscroll
Begonia Woodworth
Diedre Nightrose
Derwin Stormsong
Eloise Merryweather
Prospector Zeke
Eloise Clockwarden
Geoffrey Spellsmith
Emmeline Silvercraft
Heironimus Bunch
Hugo Chatterly
Kisai Shugenja
Lieutenant Roger
Martin Bellweather
Mrs. Dowager
Nalia Dunestrider
Oliver Quickneedle
Ophelia Moonreach
Quentin Burble
Randolf Spellshine
Sergeant Harvey
Thaddeus Price
Velma Pepper

Pegasus Place

Diora Skyflower
Flynn Silvermoon
Groundskeeper Verne
Kelsie Dreamslinger
Lapin Wingtamer
Micah Anglegrinder

Tanglewood Way

Private Eddie


Beatrice Wildwind
Kisai Shugenja
Nalia Dunestrider
Randolf Spellshine
Chester Droors
Green Man
Barkskin Treant
Wood Goblin

Available Reagents

Cat Tail
Mist Wood
Black Lotus
Stone Block (Reagent)

Connects To

Areas in Wysteria

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