Wul'Yahm in Krokotopia


The Oasis

Gives quest

Ring in the New
A Set of Steak Knives
Marleybone Calling

Ends quest

Krok Watcher
Ring in the New
A Set of Steak Knives

Wul'Yahm's Recipe Shop

Athame Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Lifebringer's Athame149Gold Lifebringer's Athame
Wish Blade261Gold Wish Blade
Changeling Knife149Gold Changeling Knife
Poniard of Gallantry261Gold Poniard of Gallantry
Mercurial Dagger261Gold Mercurial Dagger

Ring Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Band of Intuition5Gold Band of Intuition
Seal of Impetus158Gold Seal of Impetus
Jewel of Instinct158Gold Jewel of Instinct
Ring of Insight315Gold Ring of Insight
Band of Incentive315Gold Band of Incentive

Wall Hangings Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Framed Krokosphinx Photo490Gold FramedKrokosphinxPhoto-KrokotopiaCraftedItem

Outdoor Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Ornamental Stepstone595Gold OrnamentalStepstone-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Stone Barrier540Gold StoneBarrier-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Solar Decoration475Gold SolarDecoration-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Storm Stone Pedestal445Gold StormStonePedestal-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Carved Stone Pedestal445Gold CarvedStonePedestal-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Glowing Fancy Lampost515Gold GlowingFancyLampost-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Dark Stone Fence450Gold DarkStoneFence-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Storm Stone Fence450Gold StormStoneFence-KrokotopiaCraftedItem

Furniture Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Wyrm-Style Endtable595Gold Wyrm-StyleEndtable-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Throwing Star Stand500Gold ThrowingStarStand-KrokotopiaCraftedItem

Decoration Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Solar Tablet560Gold SolarTablet-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Storm Tablet560Gold StormTablet-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Flame Tablet560Gold FlameTablet-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Storm Obelisk450Gold StormObelisk-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Serpent Obelisk450Gold SerpentObelisk-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Mantis Obelisk450Gold MantisObelisk-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Crane Obelisk450Gold CraneObelisk-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Stone Brazier555Gold StoneBrazier-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Tooth Jar455Gold ToothJar-KrokotopiaCraftedItem
Book Collection450Gold Books-KrokotopiaCraftedItem

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