Wizard City is one of sixteen "worlds" in Wizard 101 (the others are Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim, Celestia, Wysteria, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Aquila, Khrysalis, Polaris, Mirage, and Empyrea). It is where all players begin the game, and is the only place that can be played without purchasing either Crowns or a game subscription.

It's divided into thirteen major areas, eight areas are accessible to all players the rest are accessed by paying crowns or purchasing a membership: The free areas are the Commons, Unicorn Way, Olde Town, Triton Avenue, Golem Court, Nightside, Shopping District, Pet Pavilion, and Ravenwood

  • The Commons
  • Unicorn Way (where players have their first quests)
  • Triton Avenue (including Haunted Cave)
  • Golem Court (where you can learn how to garden)
  • Olde Town (home to the Bazaar)
  • Ravenwood (home to five of the seven schools of magic, Note: For newcomers, the Death School is missing in Ravenwood, so until you are able to go to Nightside, Malorn Ashthorn , a Death student, will be your temporary Death professor for the time being. He is located on the left side of the Fire School. Also, the Balance School is in Krokotopia, so until you are able to go to Krokotopia, Arthur Wethersfield will be your Balance instructor. He stands right in front of Bartleby in Ravenwood.)
  • Shopping District
  • Cyclops Lane (including Dark Cave and entrance to Aquila); payment or subscription required
  • Firecat Alley (including Dark Cave); payment or subscription required
  • Nightside (accessible by quest and only after reaching level 12)
  • Colossus Boulevard (requires quest); payment or subscription required
  • Crab Alley (requires quest); payment or subscription required
  • Pet Pavilion (Area containing Pet Mini Games, Pet Snack Shop, The Pet Hatchery, the Pet Derby, and a Pet Shop, this area is also free if you can get to the level required (Lvl 7))


Wizard City


Wizard City is at the center of all things. The entire city has sprouted up around Bartleby, the World Tree. Bartleby protects all worlds by eternally maintaining a connection to them along the Spiral. Wizard City is also home to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and its esteemed faculty of renowned wizards. All wizards get their start in learning about magic and choosing a specific class at this historic institution.

Recently, a shadow has crept over Wizard City and Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of Ravenwood, has begun his search to find courageous young Wizards who can save Wizard City.

All new Wizards start out in Wizard City, and get their first quests from Merle Ambrose. As a player continues to grow and level up, Ambrose continues to be a key NPC, giving the player many gateway quests to new areas and quest-givers.


Anna Flamewright Artemus Firesmith Arthur Wethersfield Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree
Bernie, the Fire Tree Blad Raveneye Blossom, the Life Tree Boris Tallstaff
Ceren Nightchant Constance Windsong Cyrus Drake Dalia Falmea
Darla Whisperwind Diego the Duelmaster Dorothy Gale Duncan Grimwater
Elowyn Frostmantle Gaius Silverthistle Gamma Gisele Moonbow
Gloria Krendell Gobbler King Grandmother of Dragons Gretta Darkkettle
Gustav Copperflame Halston Balestrom Harold Argleston Hilda Brewer
Ivan, the Myth Tree Kelvin, the Ice Tree Lady Oriel Lydia Greyrose
Marla Stinger Malorn Ashthorn Merle Ambrose Mildred Farseer Mindy Pixiecrown
Moolinda Wu Mortis, the Death Tree Mr. Lincoln Nolan Stormgate
Olivia Dawnwillow Pat O'Gold Penny Dreadful Pierre Gallantmane
Private Connelly Private Emerson Private Guildenstern Private O'Doyle
Private Quinn Private Rosencranz Private Stillson Private Sweeney
Prospector Zeke Rand Taymore Regina Flametalon Romulus
Sabrina Greenstar Sergeant Muldoon Shelus Gruffheart Simeon Firemane
Sir Reginald Baxby Sohomer Sunblade Susie Gryphonbane Sven Stonebreaker
Tin Man & Mr. Toto Torrence, the Storm Tree Ugo Kalahad Valentina Heartsong
Victor Darkwood


Wizard City Creatures

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