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W101CWikiThis announcement is here to inform all contributors both new and old, that much of the community has officially moved to Wizard101 Central. We along with the entire community will be there from now on. We fully understand that this wiki will remain here and we respect it's presence.

With that said, if anyone wants to edit this wiki, then feel free to do so. However we would like to point out that, we will no longer be updating templates here. As things in the game change, the templates here will remain static. If anyone would like to take a look at our templates and rework them to reflect changes in the game, then please feel free to. Otherwise be sure to visit the new wiki where everything will be updated constantly by the loving community that once edited here.

We wish all who have decided to stay good luck and we bid you farewell.

Your ever hardworking admins,

(including ErinEmeraldflame - one of the two ErinEmeraldflames

Welcome to Wizard 101 Wiki

New here? Be sure to read our basic Wiki editing instructions located on the sidebar under "Wiki How To".

For more information on Wizard101 see the other fan sites of Wizard101!

Wizard101 is an online, Wizard school adventure with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds!
The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds.

Please Note: While officially disallowed by site policy, this site has irremovable foul language in page histories that is not appropriate for children.
Parental discretion is advised.
This is the Wizard 101 wiki that anyone can edit, though you must be over 13 years of age to register.

8,433 articles since June 2008.


Now with over 10,000,000 registered students!

Editing Guide

Those wishing to add to our fine collection of articles should read through our Wiki How To section located on the sidebar and the Editing Guide. It contains simple guidelines on templates, categories, and a few other things that you may want to know. As with everything wiki, we are sure this will grow and improve, but it is off to a good start - thank you to all the admins who assisted in it's creation.

New Template in Town

There are now form-style templates for most of the pages on the Wiki! Clothing (Hats, Robes, and Boots), Pets, Items, Creatures, Spells, and Housing are done here. See the instructions on editing these templates listed under the "Wiki How To" section located on the sidebar, for a better way to enter your information. Along with this comes the need to transfer all the existing pages the new templates. All the help we can get on the transfer is greatly appreciated.

No more categories!!!

With every new template the categories are automatically added. This eliminates the need to add the categories yourself. We thank you for all of the effort that everyone has contributed to make this wiki great.

Turn red to blue

This is one of the two primary goals, this means that if, on your journeys through the wiki, you see a red link and know what is supposed to be there please click the link, load the appropriate template and create - this will help with the second primary goal, Wizard City Cleanup. There is still a lot of information missing in the Wizard City pages, some of it will take months (or years) to collate, but if you see something missing and you know or can easily get the answer please fill it in!

Vandalism / Editing Policy

With our growing presence as a source for Wizard 101 info vandalism is also on the rise - help fight the growing amount of gibberish and nonsense that has been inserted into pages at the cost of content. We are all trying to catch these pages quickly but if you see any please report, either via problem report or an email to the admins. Please report it so admins can follow up.

We are now handing out bans for all vandalism. Malicious, repeated vandalism or vandalism that erases content will get longer bans - if you wish to appeal the ban you will have to contact admin.

On a side note we just wanted to share what is probably our only content restriction policy as admins - which is spoilers. We are trying very hard not to reveal too much in the main pages, hence the discussion tab. Anything which is a spoiler of any type should be placed on the discussion tab - and will quite likely be moved if it is not. Anything which reveals story ie talking about marleybone story in a wizard city quest, solves puzzles or quests and walkthrough type comments all belong on the discussion tab.