What it is:

Warehouse or "Spiral geographic" is considered one of the hardest towers in the game.

Where is it?

Spiral geographic is located in regents square near the royal museum.

How do I get here?

You will unlock this tower after completion of the "Final Countdown" quest and then talking to Professor Balestrom who sends you on the quest ending with "Swimming with the Stars"

How many floors does it have?

This tower has a total of 10 floors, two are puzzle floors and there are 7 bosses.

What to expect:

This tower is full of bosses that "Cheat", to include removing traps as they are cast, casting spells out of turn, casting high ranking spells at little or no pip cost, summoning minions multiple times during battle, and casting spells which "do not exist". The first boss you encounter is a rank 9 Myth boss with 3000 health, and will summon 3 minions that will use storm lord and Rebirth. The next 2 bosses will NOT cheat, and they are rank 7 balance bosses with 1275 health each.

At the top, there will be 4 bosses. One is a rank 9 fire, rank 8 balance, and 2 rank 7 deaths.

The fire one will use Fire nova (a Nova which deals fire damage, and more damage than standard Nova), Scarecrow, and firedragon.

The balance will use rebirth out of turn every time a player casts a healing spell (not including Link) as well as various balance spells. The 2 death bosses wiil cheat, casting wraith at odd times, and will use tower shields a lot.

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