Victor Darkwood

Victor Darkwood

Robes for every school, some of the more expensive robes come complete with an extra card for your sideboard.

Location:Shopping District

Quest Goal:

Victor's Robe Shop

Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Novice's Robe 16 81 Gold
Novice's Robe Male
Novice's Robe Female
Robe of the Advantage 32 69 Gold
Robe of the Advantage Male
Robe of the Advantage Female
Cloak of the Ascension 19 53 Gold
Cloak of the Ascension Male
Cloak of the Ascension Female
Tunic of Leverage 37 75 Gold
Tunic of Leverage Male
Tunic of Leverage Female
Vestment of Luck 22 52 Gold
Vestment of Luck Male
Vestment of Luck Female
Vest of Eminence 20 35 Gold
Vest of Eminence Male
Vest of Eminence Female
Robe of the Boon 28 81 Gold
Robe of the Boon Male
Robe of the Boon
Cloak of Blessings 16 63 Gold
Cloak of Blessings Male
Cloak of Blessings Female
Senior Novice's Robe 38 106 Gold
Senior Novice's Robe Male
Senior Novice's Robe Female
Cloak of Growth 323 475 Gold
Cloak of Growth Male
Cloak of Growth Female
Robe of Impulse 452 1,296 Gold
Robe of Impulse Male
Robe of Impulse Female
Tunic of Vitality 252 1,003 Gold
Tunic of Vitality Male
Tunic of Vitality Female
Robe of Being 515 1,102 Gold
Robe of Being Male
Robe of Being Female
Cloak of the Heart 303 851 Gold
Cloak of the Heart Male
Cloak of the Heart Female
Vestment of Enthusiasm 598 1,197 Gold
Vestment of Enthusiasm Male
Vestment of Enthusiasm Female
Robe of Energy 353 835 Gold
Robe of Energy Male
Robe of Energy Female
Vestment of Essence 256 1,296 Gold
Vestment of Essence Male
Vestment of Essence Female
Howling Raiment 1200 1200 Crowns
Jacket of Withstanding 1200 1200 Crowns

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