A vendor area exists in every world, and are either in the center zone of the world, or very near it. Vendors offer many items up for sale, and you can browse through the shops at any time. They all sell or buy items for gold.

If you would like to buy an item, walk up to the vendor and type "X.” Then, scroll through the available items to choose the one you want, customize its colors, and click BUY. Different color combinations have different prices, so experiment for the best look and bargain.

In addition to buying items from vendors, you can also sell items to vendors. To do this, interact with a vendor by typing "X.” Then, click on the SELL tab at the top left of the screen. Click the item you wish to sell, and then select SELL.

Items are sold to vendors for a lot less than their actual value. So if you buy something, make sure you really want it!

Crowns Vendors

Some shopkeepers don't take gold, instead they take Crowns. Crowns are the currency in the Wizard101 micro transaction or ‘cash shop’ system. Crowns are used to purchase items such as rare treasure cards and powerful clothing in-game. Unlike some items, you cannot sell Crowns items for Crowns, You may only sell them for gold. Most items bought with Crowns don't sell for much gold.

Prospector Zeke is an example of a Crowns Vendor.

Crowns Items in your Backpack

You can tell which items you have equipped and which items you paid for with Crowns in your Backpack.

Blue items with the hand icon, you are currently wearing.
Red items you are not currently wearing.
Grey items you cannot equip.
Items with the "C" icon you purchased with Crowns, or can be purchased with Crowns.
Midsummer's Cowl is an example of an item that may be purchased with Crowns or gold.


When you gain items, they are sent to your backpack. If the allowed number of slots for a certain type of equipment in your backpack is full, all excess pieces you collect are automatically transported to your bank, which you can access from your dormitory or house.

Each piece of equipment has eight slots in your backpack, and your bank and shared bank has a total of 100 slots each. You can go to your dormitory at any time you choose to access your bank and shared bank. Unlike the regular bank, when an item is deposited in the shared bank, any wizard on your account can access it. Then, you can either store certain items for safekeeping or withdraw items to use in your adventures.


Attics are exclusively for housing items. When you switch houses, the items from the previous house are automatically transferred the the attic. The attic can hold 100 housing items on each account.

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