Valentina Heartsong

Valentina Heartsong

Valentina Heartsong is a Holiday NPC, she appears for Valentine's Day (February 14), stays for a short period of time and then disappears. She sells exclusive items, themed just for the holiday which will not be available after she has left. Valentina Heartsong in February 2009 was one of the first Holiday NPC'S to offer items for different levels, making them useful for wizards at any game stage rather than the primarily decorative items that had been available for past holidays.


Shopping District

Gives quest

Ends quest

Heartfelt Gifts

Crown's Only

These items were sold here in February 2009, they may not remain the same for coming years


Item Price Currency
Roseate Wand300CrownsRoseate Wand
Heartbow Scepter300CrownsHeartbow Scepter
Rod of Unity300Crowns
Ruby Heartwand300CrownsRuby Heartwand
Rod of Regard300Crowns
Baton of Friendship300Crowns
Fond Wand300CrownsFond Wand
Wand of Amity300Crowns
Baton of Appreciation300Crowns
Wand of Compassion300Crowns
Sanguine Scepter300CrownsSanguine Scepter
Knotwork Wand300CrownsKnotwork Wand
Staff of Commitment500Crowns
Loyalty's Length500CrownsLoyalty's Length
Scepter of the Cherub500Crowns
Staff of Sentiment500Crowns
Allegiance Staff500CrownsAllegiance Staff
Amoretto's Staff500CrownsAmoretto's Staff
Wand of Veneration1500Crowns
Scepter of Devotion1500Crowns
Wings of the Cherubim1500Crowns


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency
Valentine Pig1500NACrownsValentine Pig

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