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Dragonspyre, The Atheneum, in the library second floor to the left.

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Athame Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Wind Shear 4250 Gold
Wind Shear.png
Eternal Shortblade 4250 Gold
Eternal Shortblade.png
Physician's Stylet 4250 Gold
Physician's Stylet.png
Frostforged Steel 4250 Gold
Frostforged Steel.png
Stiletto of Inspiration 4250 Gold
Stiletto of Inspiration.png
Poniard of Hardiness 4250 Gold
Poniard of Hardiness.png
Burning Bodkin 4250 Gold
Burning Bodkin.png
Dagger of the Inevitable 4250 Gold
Dagger of the Inevitable.png
Equilibrium's Razor 4250 Gold
Equilibrium's Razor.png
Benevolent Knife 725 Crowns
Blade of the Berserker 725 Crowns

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