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Brady's Deck of the Kraken

Hi Hi. Concerning this deck. I don't think there is a chance in heck that Brady the Sneak drops a level 45 deck. I can agree it is easy to make the guess that he drops the deck based on his name and the deck's name but the level of the deck I find unbelievable. Do you have this deck? If it really is level 45 then it must be a Dragonspyre boss that drops it even if the name suggests otherwise.

Also, there is a template for decks. It's brand spanking new! Potroast did a great job on it. You can find it here: Template:DeckInfobox/doc and here: Creating New Pages

Nebrie 16:11, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

Minor Point

Hi, nice job on the page creation with the template for the Dazzling Shoes. One minor point, when you put in a quest for the reward line, you also put the world the quest starts in the wrldrw line. (like the wrldd line for drops and the wrldv line for bought items).

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A Question and a Comment :)

Hi thanks for all the new wand pages :)

I have a question, where do all those wands come from? Are they from the Crowns store or a vendor in MooShu/Dragonspyre?

Also, take a look at the Major_Heroic_Hit_Item_Card page. To get the images on the page, you use the dimage lines like this: descrip1 = 95, dimage1 = Myth, dimage2 = Damage. Basically, words that you type in the dimage lines get turned into pictures just like the cards :)

Thanks for making the page :)

ErinEmeraldflame 18:42, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks, I think I know where they're from now

Thanks, I think they are actually quest reward wands, probably from different quests (hence the different levels).

The Iceshard Staff was from Grizzleheim (Ravenscar) as a quest reward, there are a bunch of school-specific reward items that have never been entered into quests, I'll figure it out for any we already have on the wiki :)

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Hi :) MooShu has a capital 'S'

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