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Some startup advise

First, try navigating the drop-out menus on the left. There are a great many articles already entered. Second, try looking up the title of the quest, name of the area, or name of the equipment or character (not player characters - there's just too many of those and they would exist on a user page, if at all) that you may be looking for into the search bar on the left. If it doesn't seem to be there and there are no possibles listed, enter the search (with proper capitals) into the search bar of the results page and a redlink will appear on the resulting page. Click that and enter the information.

Entering the information is fairly easy. There are templates; typing in {{subst:THING}} where THING equals Item, NPC (for non-player character - the green names), Locations, Spells, etc. After typing in the subst (substitute) and colon many choices will come up. For a close to comprehensive list try looking at PotRoast42's page). You can also look here for a categoried list of currently used templates.

Please see the Manual of Style and editing for more help.

It all seems more complicated than it really is. After the first time you go through it, you'll get it. Good luck, have fun. RCWizard

After your first fight

After you fight that evil guy's monsters, the headmaster will tell you to wait unti lhe summons you. how do you get him to summon you?

This usually happens when the game can't download the files fast enough. Your best bet is to quit the game, and log back into that character to see if it moves you to the Headmaster's. Unfortunately, if this doesn't work, the best option is to just create a new character (You can make it just like your other character, name and all! Just be sure not to confuse them!) and when you log into the game, choose "Skip Tutorial" and it should put you right where you left off. This message was sent to me via Mr. Lincoln's support page. Drayvock 23:21, March 10, 2010 (UTC)


The animations are a work in progress so I'm hoping some others will come in and help me. I'll get much more into this all during this summer (currently overloaded with work again) and maybe I'll learn what the heck SVGA is... ;) I'm guessing it isn't a new technology...

--Potroast42 21:43, January 28, 2010 (UTC)

Saw this after writing to RC. Heh, yeah. SVGA followed VGA back in the dimtime when PCs were hot when they could scream at 90Mhz. Super Video Graphics Adapter. I think it was 16bit might have been 32. And there was color! Turducken 00:27, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

Sys and Biti

Can't do the op thing. The table is about as far as I can go right now. The rest of that code is a bit much. I like being able to point things out like the delete stuff and maybe a "report a problem," but I'd rather have someone else take care of it. You took care of Krok earlier. If I had been a sysop I would have just up and deleted the wrong named one. I don't want to mess up that bad.

I'll give the separation a try and take out the the ones on the bottom. Turducken 00:24, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

Items Template

Just wanted to let you know that I touched up the items template so that it now has a capacity of 20 dropped by slots. This was mostly because of the Sphinx's Vestment page with 17 drops.

--Potroast42 21:35, February 1, 2010 (UTC)

Image of Ingram

That was an actual image of Ingram but you are welcome to get a different one if you don't like it, I admit it wasn't a great picture/

Suitengo 07:48, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

Somebody vandalized the Marleybone page. Umrag the Destroyer 22:59, February 11, 2010 (UTC)Umrag the Destroyer

Adding on to the post above: One of the Seven Deadly Sins was used... you know what that means. Rotomthe3rd 00:48, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

How to undo changes from miscreants?

How do you undo a change to a page , when that change was done to make the page and wiki worse.

I just had to try and undo two changes in the wiki and fear I messed them both up. The life spell and balance spell pages. So after messing up the wiki I figured I would try and find out how to fix it properlly?

And what can I do about the authors of such changes?


FlamingPhoenix 09:19, April 11, 2010 (UTC)

Ice Elf Image

Just wanted to let you know (since you were the original uploader) that I modified your Ice Elf image. Actually, I replaced it with a picture I made from an Evil Snowman card and a Fire Elf card. I believe that it better represents the spell and provides more information about the spell. I figure, if KingsIsle Entertainment can change the colors and some of the textures to make a new spell, we can do the same to represent it. I put "Mutation" in red across it to distinguish it from a real card. Do you think it would be OK to start doing this with all mutation spells? I figured I'd ask you since you've been working on here for about a year and have made a LOT of edits. Any questions or comments are appreciated. Thanks!

ElectrodeXS 06:24, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Missing Death Spell to obtain Master of Death badge

Hi RC,

I was looking through your master of death spell wiki page and i noticed that it was missing the disspell death spell from colossus boulevard. I didn't know there was a trainer there so i had a little trouble getting this badge. Everything else is correct on the page. Hopefully this will clear up confusion for other players. Kudos to you on all of your hard work and time put into this wiki. I will continue to use this wiki because it is set up so well.

Missing Death Spell to obtain Master of Death badge

Hi RC,

I was looking through your master of death spell wiki page and i noticed that it was missing the disspell death spell from colossus boulevard. I didn't know there was a trainer there so i had a little trouble getting this badge. Everything else is correct on the page. Hopefully this will clear up confusion for other players. Kudos to you on all of your hard work and time put into this wiki. I will continue to use this wiki because it is set up so well. 04:13, July 8, 2010 (UTC) Blaze Deathhand

Sandbox Creature Template

Hey, I saw that you added a sandbox for the creature template on Malistaire. Just curious as to what the new features are such as the "jpgSpells" and the "boopre".

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 17:28, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

Important: Please read this forum post and comment


ErinEmeraldflame 05:42, October 8, 2010 (UTC) and the other Administrators


RC, are you back for real??? Your a freaking legend around here lol. If you are back then I welcome you and I hope that you like all the hard work Me, PR, and Erin has put into this site.

Good to finally talk to you. :)

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 19:01, October 25, 2010 (UTC)


Yeah, when I started using this wiki, I saw just how much dis-repair it was in. I knew we had to do something and then I started talking to PR. The rest was history lol.

I have one question for you that I have been dying to ask for soooo long. I have wanted to make a bot. However I'm an amateur when it comes to php (getting better everyday though). What on earth did you use as your bot??? I have tried sooo many bots and all of them are a grade F. I can not stand seeing so much time put into something only to see the interface go halfway. I know that you had successfully run a bot for sometime and I just want to know what you got working.

Also I have created the new skin to be used on the "SECRET" Future location of the wiki. But I have no way of disclosing the location without coming right out and saying it. I think you may be impressed with my work though so if you have an email, I would love to send you the address. Oh and it's on my test wiki that I have running off of a home server. You can't get into the new wiki location without admin permissions so that's where I would show it to you at :)

Really good to hear from ya.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 23:10, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

RE: ItemInfobox

Yup, that's one of the many, many problems with the new wikia skin. CL may be going live on Wednesday so I know I'll be very busy with Little Wolf starting to move the content. Erin's away for the week so we're missing one of our major contributors, but my main goal right now is changing up the templates to work on the new site.

Glad to see you around!
--Potroast42 03:34, October 26, 2010 (UTC)

Lookie here

Well if it isn't RC on at such a late hour :) Have you seen the new wiki yet? You can't actually do anything to it without being an administrator or a mover yet. But you can see the skin I made. I think that so far I've done pretty good :)

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 06:53, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Days Gone

LOL nah their only gone if you want them to be. Yeah Jester has it tightened down quite a bit, which is good seeing how everyone is going to be looking now lol. I may get him to open it up to point where people can at least read it but not edit. We want to move the pages ourselves just to be thorough and make sure it's done right.

It's quite crazy though. Right now Erin is out, I'm tied down with the skin, and PR is doing templates. I wrote a few of the templates myself but he's better at making sub templates and the really large ones like the quest template.

So pretty much it's just me and PR right now and a couple others who are trying to move the pages (8,000 of them lol). It was kinda quiet today most likely because of Celestia. That's another issue. We have to make sure that no one adds Celestia content. We can't take on more content right now lol.

When I came to this wiki in the beginning of July, I thought that it was dead lol. But I saw it's potential and decided that I was going to do everything that I could to revive it and fix all of it's flaws. I started talking to PR and then found out he was the only active admin. I was like WHAT??? lol. From then PR went on vacation and as it seems I got here just in time so I could hold down the fort while he was gone.

He put me on Creature template conversions lol. I did about 270 of them myself then I decided I wanted to learn how to write the templates, so I eventually figured it out using documentation on paserfunctions. After he got back he started gearing up for another week of vacation lol. This time while he was gone I recruited two people to help convert Little Wolf and MalornexDeathtalon. Malornex (Billy) found Erin and she became a edit machine even passing you lol.

Since then we have made a ton of fixes from structure to junk removal. I got test server running after we decided we was going to move to Central and then shortly after that Wikia started this new skin crap which gave us a deadline that we are trying to meet. Now here we are.

Sorry for the page lol, just wanted to give you a little history. :)

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 07:12, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Temps and help

Nah, I didn't mess with the Clothing temp. That was all PR. My big contributions was the MinionInfobox and the Spellinfobox plus several minor things. I can at least look at a template and bug solve. I guess mostly I'm here for the back-end stuff. I'm not too good with the public (that's what Erin is good at) and the boring stuff is... well boring. I'm good with extensions and currently the skin. We had Wikia disable the Rich Text Editor, which you may have noticed (that wasn't easy btw) and we dealt with a second grader who caused like a thousand bad edits. It wasn't pretty lol.

If your looking to help then I'll have Jester add you to the Movers group when he gets on tomorrow and you can certainly start on a section. We don't have any automation. I wish lol. Been trying to get a working bot forever but can never get one lol. Everyone I try is used by the person who made it but they don't care if you can figure it out or not. So annoying.

After the move I will write a complete bot in php that can be run from the browser. Oh and I am also writing an extension that allows edits to be made using forms instead of an edit box. It's a lot to take on. I don't have a ton of experience in coding so people have to be patient with me. I came into this thing with no knowledge of it and now I have written an entire skin lol. OH YEAH and I did every spell animation we have. I recorded them and made the files. The spells I didn't have I just had people let me record them casting the spells.

As for the process of moving it's simple, because most of the pages are in template form (thanks to PR, Erin, Nebrie, me, and the others) all we have to do is:

Step 1) On Wikia, Open page you want to move, click edit, and copy contents.

Step 2) On Central, Go to: and enter new page name (ex: Creature:Agony Wraith)

Step 3) Paste contents, delete image lines (and bazaar for items), and save.

Step 4) Go on to next page and repeat steps 1-3.

We made it really simple to try to make it smooth.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 07:33, October 28, 2010 (UTC)


Actually the images aren't going to be lost. They are replaceable meaning that it's okay to move them last. Not only that I have a specific structure that images are going to follow from now on (similar to the new namespaces were using) plus categories, so it's best that I supervise the image uploads. We plan on getting it down to so much of a science that we can remove the image upload link. The way you would add images is to click on the red links. That will automatically fill in the correct image name.

I installed an extension that allows categorizing to be done on upload rather than having to edit the files page afterward. As for the categories. We have already made the category structure it's waiting on us :) like we said we've been doing this for months lol. We're trying to make this fresh start as perfect as we can so we don't have all the excess junk we have now.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 07:57, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Soldiers Wraps

Yeah I saw that. Unfortunately it seems that there quite a few items are like that. In my opinion I would just leave it as a variant like it is now. I think that he has a place in the template for a variant. I'm not sure I don't ever convert any clothing or items.

Most of the issues with other pages where it needs (Spell) or (Pet) etc tagged onto it will be solved with our custom namespaces we have in place. Every creature page will be Creature:Title or spells will be Spell:Title etc. So there will be no need for disambigs anymore nor will we have many variant issues. It's going to be different and it will take some time for people to get used to adding in the namespaces but it's going to pay off in the long run.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 08:07, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Goodbye User pages and Talk Pages

That reminds me. No more User Pages or Talk Pages. Instead it will all link to the User pages on Central. We plan having it integrate nicely with Central. Not sure if we will keep our guides or not though.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 08:10, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

Going to bed

I'm off to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow maybe. I will email Jester about adding you to the list of movers as well. TTYL.

- Administrator EnlightenedShadow 08:22, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

2 shoes - 1 name

Yes, the 2 shoes should be separate pages. I'm thinking that they should be classified by world dropped to keep it standardized, even though it's only happened once before for the Tempest Cowl.

--Potroast42 10:59, October 28, 2010 (UTC)

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