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    Halloween Info!

    October 3, 2011 by LauraAshthief

    Hiya! As you might have found out Halloween in the Spiral starts today and I already have plans! I'm going to create a Halloween Theme Video and everyone who is everyone is allowed to join in. The scene for the video will be in the Commons (This is everywhere in the Commons). Also I will be asking for people to join in on a few events!

    Here is some of the Events and When the will happen:

    1) Halloween Towers:

    * Adept Tower: When- TBA, Realm- TBA (Need 3 more people) * Master Tower: When- TBA, Realm- TBA (Need 2 more people) * Apprentice Tower: When- TBA, Realm- TBA (Need 3 more people)

    2) Halloween Music Video: (This might include singing! :D) (Song is yet to be confirmed)

    * When-TBA * Where- TBA * Realm- TBA

    3) Halloween Walk Through: …

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  • LauraAshthief

    Weird Wizard101!

    July 22, 2011 by LauraAshthief

    So I was collecting some of my pets in my house when I saw two of my beetles look like this:

    This isn't first time it happened. Some of my other pets look like different pets too! Example include this gallery:

    Yay for Wizard101 and Myths! XD

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  • LauraAshthief

    Hiya people who read this and who I don't know who you are! I have a Big QUESTION * Dramatic Music Plays* What do half of the 58 pets give! It's hard not knowing what the give, so I'm going to figure out which ones are missing and have all of you figure it out what they are. XD

    Hatch with Humongofrog:

    • Scarecrow: You get Gloom Toad
    • Judgement: You get ???
    • Forest Lord: You get Wendigo
    • Kraken: You get Topaz Kraken
    • Phoenix: You get Fiery Toad
    • Ice Wyvern: You get FrostHopper

    Hatch with Scarecrow:

    • Humongofrog: You get Gloom Toad
    • Judgement: You get ???
    • Forest Lord: You get Crop Watcher
    • Kraken: You get StormCaller
    • Phoenix: You get Shadow Phoenix
    • Ice Wyvern: You get Tundra Warden

    Hatch with Forest Lord:

    • Humongofrog: You get Wendigo
    • Judgement: You get Astral Judgemen…
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  • LauraAshthief

    Hiya! X Yay, another post XD X Any who, decided to see what you think of these hidden designs found on the level 58 mixes (and frozen snake).

    • Topaz Kraken: Located near the shoulder blades is a triangle like myth sign. Based on the picture, do you think it's a myth sign too?

    • Gloom Toad: It's a skull on the back of the death and myth frog. Who would have guessed?
    • Crop Watcher: Green scarecrow whose robe has vines going up the bottom of the robe. Well it is a life mix.

    • Snake in a Basket: Beside the fact it's frozen, there is a krok-like pattern to it. X Why did that ghost appear and froze my snake? X

    • Astral Judge: The Forest Lord and Judgement mix that almost everyone wants, even though it has a vine-pattern on it's arm.

    Will be updating with more…

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  • LauraAshthief

    Jade Egg?

    June 1, 2011 by LauraAshthief

    Hiya! Quick question, has anyone here had a traveller pop out of jade egg? I have two travellers and neither of them have popped out of a jade egg. Asking because someone keeps adding jade egg to the Traveller page, and the only pet that would hatch out of a jade egg is a satyr.

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