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(Note: All of the pages I put as my favorites are ones that I created (There are more but I forgot them :P)) Hi, I am Suri Blueflower,(Life) lvl 54, Amy Thunderhammer,(Myth) lvl 26, Lail Deathspear,(Death) lvl 60, Oran Dragonriver,(Fire) lvl 30, Suri Goldentail (Balance) lvl 12, and Lail,(Ice) lvl 36. I have been playing Wizard101 for over 3 years, and it is (one) of my favorite game(s). The reason why I chose Suri's name to be my account name, just in case you were wondering, is because she was my first character. Now I also have another Suri Blueflower who looks exactly like the first one, lvl 36 currently.

Now, I know so far this has been extremely boring, my profile stuff I mean, but, just warning you, I am EXTREMELYYYYY random and crazy and stuff...I also like to read and play computer games... I'm in a series of videos on youtube by 000spottedstar000(Destiny Swift in Wizard101)called: Wizard101 Warriors: Changing the Past (I'm Foxclaw)...hence my profile picture..if I can find it...Well I guess that's about it...oh yeah and Destiny Swift introduced me to this place.. xP Ok well NOW I guess that's all..So, ta-ta for now pplz..

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!




SEE?!?! I told you I was random...heh heh..Ok well NOW ttfn pplz...BYEEEE

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