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About me

In the game I have two wizards, Thomas Titanheart (Grandmaster Necromancer) and Valkoor Griffentalon (Level Twenty Nine Sorcerer). My grandmaster has all death best gear, Spiderkeeper's Darkshroud, Malistaire Drake's Ebon Robe, Kraysys' Boots of Retreat, Wraith, Soulsinger's Soulsword, Gurtok Ender's Blade, Kraysys' Astral Carcanet, Gurtok Mortis Seal, and Grimcaster's Doomfairing Deck.

I am happy to say that I am the current record holder with damage with Ghoul with a total of around 23,000 (On Yeva Spiderkeeper).

The origin of my username is that during my school years, the3rd was a common last part of some of my nicknames (for reasons unknown), and about Rotom, that's motor backwards, and I like robots and such with motors. So, evidentially, Rotom + the3rd = Rotomthe3rd. Ta-da, don't ask about my username now.

Now, what keeps me from going insane while organizing categories is, guess what, listening to music because organizing categories gets VERY VERY boring. Writing this gives me an excuse from doing that dreaded work, and that's exactly why I'm writing this.

As you can see from my avatar I LOVE flamingos. So fluffy and, well umm, cool? Great now I'm into the topic of flamingos ... wait I have a great idea! Time for flamingo fast facts!

  • 1. Flamingos are pink because of the water they drink while trying to catch krill, and the krill themselves.
  • 2. There is no difference between male and female flamingos.
  • 3. A flamingo nest is made out of mud ... that they carry in their mouths ... not very hygienic.

There, now you will ace your flamingo test.





Page Goals

  • 1. Finish all Malistaire's robe drops.
  • 2. Finish all level 50 gear
  • 3. Finish The Labyrinth
  • 4. Finish commonly thought best gear for all schools
    • 4.1 Finish Commonly Thought Best Death Gear
    • 4.2 Finish Commonly Thought Best Myth Gear
    • 4.3 Finish Commonly Thought Best Life Gear
    • 4.4 Finish Commonly Thought Best Balance Gear
    • 4.5 Finish Commonly Thought Best Storm Gear
    • 4.6 Finish Commonly Thought Best Ice Gear
    • 4.7 Finish Commonly Thought Best Fire Gear

Edit Goals

  • 1.Get 1 edit
  • 2.Get 50 edits
  • 3.Get 100 edits
  • 4.Get 200 edits
  • 5.Get 300 edits
  • 6.Get 400 edits
  • 7.Get 500 edits
  • 8.Get 750 edits
  • 9. Get 1,000 edits
  • 10. Get 1,500 edits
  • 11. Get 2,000 edits

My Motto

The only things that are real are the things you believe in.

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