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If you're interested in knowing what kind of person I am or what it is that I'm attempting around here read on.

My contributions

Some subpage works in progress


Equipment formatting template (incomplate)

Clothing formatting template (complete)

Image existence search function (complete, but only called by the above Templates)

Parsing of more than one vendor of the same type entered on one line (comma_ delimited

Populates the categories (but does not create them) of Items (currently only clothing)

Mind exercise time

Now that it is a crafted item, how much does the Earthquake cost if you build it from scratch?

To all the wannabe vandals

DON'T BOTHER! I pretty much live here and I police very well, thank you very much. I check the changes at least every 2 hours (except the 4 to 6 hours that I force myself to sleep or if I spend time with family). I will find it. My justice is swift and Draconian (as in the Archon of Athens). There is no warning for a first offense: this is your warning. The fact that you didn't read it is your problem; actually the fact that you need to read this is your problem since you shouldn't - because you're not a vandal, right?.

I have recently received an advance for several books. For that reason I will be semi-retired here until those projects are complete. The bot I was controlling can be turned off. It was only being used manually - there were no scripts associated with it - and its flag transferred to someone else's bot. I will still occasionally come in to see what's been up, but never quite so often as I have in the past. That does not mean the vandals will get away with everything, but reprisals will be delayed unless some other sysop comes forward.

These are my guidelines. Other sysops will discover their own limits and act accordingly.

I find it more than twice from you or your IP and you're toast for a week. Come back and do it again it's a month. Come back after that and your IP won't see the light of day here for a year. After that, who knows? This wikia is just over a year old, so we'll see what we will see.

When I block, I block it all. No account creation, no edits from the IP (whether an account name exists from it or not) even to your own page. When your parents find they can't help out here, they're gonna wonder why. If it was the parent that caused the problem, for the sake of the human race, don't breed again.

Just so we're clear, the following are NOT considered (by me) to be vandalism:

  1. slightly incorrect information
  2. slightly incorrect formatting
  3. posting incomplete articles (provided the article pertains to the game and it actually exists)
  4. completely missing formatting (although it is a tad annoying)
  5. writing questions in existing articles (unless you've deleted text in order to do this)
  6. writing in foreign languages in the discussion page (although English is the preferred language here)
  7. making an edit without actually changing anything
  8. adding categories on to pages that don't belong (unless it is the only thing you do and you've done it a whole lot)
  9. the first group of unrelated videos from a user or IP (pertains to the first group of videos deleted by a sysop regardless of quantity)

Among the things that are definitely vandalism

  1. any gibberish comment will be noted and subsequent offenses will not be tolerated
  2. any toilet humor in any section (especially the uninspired, completely illogical, and downright ignorant kind - that just jumps straight to the month ban - if you do this, how on earth did you learn how to operate a computer?
  3. replacement of large sections of text with garbage or blank space when there is no conceivable reason for it
  4. crudely insulting posts on any page, especially a User page.
  5. the second and subsequent groups of unrelated videos
  6. repeated offense of any of these

I'm a friendly guy, and competent to boot, but I ain't necessarily nice so don't always count on me waiting for a second offense.

About me

RC refers to the name I used to call myself online. No I won't tell you; if you can figure it out, good for you.

I make my living as a writer and editor. Almost all my spelling errors are intentional. The rest are due to apathy. Almost all are noticed immediately and after I pick my forehead up off the desk, or remove my hand from that same forehead, they are corrected. This has, unfortunately, led to a rather large edit count for me. That excess count is not intentional as I don't believe in plumping my numbers.

I don't go in much for flare. I may contribute some cleaner screen construction, but I dislike coding. I did that when I was younger. I was very good at SGML documentation, then the execs heard the term Single Source and got really excited and that made my life difficult. Went to fiction soon after that.

Note: of the 7 companies I have worked for in the last 15 years, 3 are still viable and were doing well before I got there and long after I left, 4 no longer exist (including one that decided to move its operation to Australia because it was closer to the Ukraine where its programmers lived - go fig). All 4 would not take my advise on monetary flow (basically the clients weren't going to pay for the services the company was providing). All 4 went out of business within a month of my leaving (except the Australia guys. They took 9 months, but that was after they had double spent their investment money). You do the math...

I read what I like and I write what I like. If others like it too, then I can maybe eat something that week.

There is no literature worth mentioning: I've studied all within the English side of it extensively: Old English, West Saxon, Middle English, 19th century (*gack*) and 20th century "Canon." The only works I like are Science Fiction and Fantasy. The old Greek myth plays are nice, too. Shakespeare can get annoying, but he did have a thing with words. However, academic criticism is bunk; it was invented so English majors might aspire to Ph.D. There is no other reason to award a degree that states, "I have contributed something unique to the sum total of human knowledge," to a person that only understands how language is used and not necessarily how to use it or even how it's constructed (knowing proper grammar doesn't count). Linguists are a completely different breed of language student; they could conceivably aspire to such a degree, provided they do more than repeat what has already been written.

Of course there is still a need for English writing teachers. It is horrendous and horrifying to me that so many college Freshman (and matriculating Juniors) can't figure out a preposition from a compound gerund, let alone a noun phrase from a verb phrase. They break all the grammar rules without first knowing what the rules are. (I know when to begin a sentence with an implied noun or pronoun, therefore I can break any rule I like, so nyah!) How did these people get into a U.S. college? If I went to a university in Germany and wrote German sentences as poorly as these students, I'd be sent home ... no I'd be escorted to the airport by the provost and be kicked onto the plane possibly with my luggage. (I can't write a decent German sentence. My foreign language skills are thus: I studied Japanese for three years and I now understand Spanish very well. I cannot speak to my Spanish speaking neighbor or my Okinawan wife in their respective native tongues.)

Oh, yeah, I play woodwinds. Yes, any of them - some better than others, with Clarinet and Bari. Sax among my favorites.

You can find me in the game as the following characters:

Ronan Bluestone, Grandmaster Necromancer (50)

Valerian Foefriend, Adept Thaumaturge (25)