I'm fairly new to the game, but not to MMOs. I have a long history in MMO Beta testing going back to Everquest. My past MMOs include Everquest, City of Heroes, Everquest II, and World of Warcraft. I am versed in website & database development as well as scripting. I feel these traits will allow me to provide valuable input and resources to the community and enhance the usability of the wiki pages.

I am currently running a "Phoenix" build in Wizard 101 which is a Fire/Life build. At some point, I will try to develop guides for such things as builds as I run through some more combinations.

To Do List

  • Locate and complete broken or dead links
  • provide photos

More specifics to follow

OKRedleg 02:27, 21 May 2009 (UTC)


Fire Base Stats

Fire School Base Stats
Level HP Mana
19 814 54
20 ? ?
21 ? ?
22 ? ?
22 902 62

My contributions

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