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About Me

Username: MalornexDeathtalon

Name: Billy Lawlor

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Hey guys! I love Wizards 101, and play it often. My main character is Stephen Stormtalon (Grandmaster Necromancer), and I don't have any secondary characters at the moment. I am usually on the Realm Balestrom in Area 1. I will try my best to make this wiki a better reference tool for players to use. Make sure you send me a Friend Request in-game!

Current Message: "Guys, its not that hard to help with the current project on the wiki. I actually found helping with it really fun!"

Stephen Stormtalon

Stephen Stormtalon at a Glance:
Title: Grandmaster Necromancer
Level: 50
Health: 2,628 Health
Mana: 290 Mana
Power Pip Chance: 78% Power Pip
School: Death Death
Attack Boost: +30% Death Damage
Defense Boost: +40% Death Ward
Wand Attack: 130 Death Damage
Pet: Wraith (Teen)


Death ShieldDream ShieldDeath PrismCurseDeath TrapFeintDeathbladeInfectionPlagueStrangleSteal HealthEmpowerDark SpriteGhoulBeguileSacrificeDoom and GloomBansheePoisonVampireSkeletal Pirate (Spell)WraithScarecrowPacifyAnimateSpirit TrapSpirit BladeFairy


Spiderkeeper's Darkshroud
Malistaire Drake's Ebon Robe
Kraysys' Boots of Retreat
Soulsinger's Soulsword
Dragon Rider Staff
Gurtok Ender's Blade
Kraysys' Astral Carcanet
Meowiarty's Satyrical Choker
Talisman of the Tower
Talisman of Disorder
(Stupid) Rings:
Oroboros Band
Onyx Ring of Finality
Deck of Last Departure
Deck of Pondering
Royal Playhouse
Royal Estate
Grand Fortress
Treasure Cards:
A Lot.
Dark Redwing


Page 1 Earned (Yes/No)
No Title Duh.
Golem Tower Champion Yes
Hero of Unicorn Way Yes
Three Streets Savior Yes
Master Diplomat Yes
Wizard City Protector Yes
Gobbler Chaser Yes
Page 2 Earned (Yes/No)
Gobbler Catcher Yes
Gobbler Gobbler Yes
Savior of Wizard City Yes
Wizard City Explorer Yes
Sunken City Surviver Yes
Krok Thrasher Yes
Krok Hunter Yes
Page 3 Earned (Yes/No)
Krok Slayer Yes
Junior Archaeologist Yes
Krokosphinx Delver Yes
Tomb Raider Yes
Order of the Fang Yes
Hero of Krokotopia Yes
Master of the Oasis Yes
Page 4 Earned (Yes/No)
Krokotopia Explorer Yes
Secret Shopper Yes
Mander Savior Yes
Mastermind Yes
*Hero of Marleybone Broken (Confirmed)
Honorary Detective Yes
Aeronaut Yes
Page 5 Earned (Yes/No)
Member of the Watch Yes
Honorary Engineer Yes
Marleybone Explorer Yes
Smogger Smasher Yes
Cat Curtailer Yes
Cat Herder 118/250 Cats
Meow Master No
Page 6 Earned (Yes/No)
Crusher Crusher Yes
Machine Master Yes
Rate Catcher Yes
Rat Trapper 74/100 Rats
Pied Piper No
Oni Slayer Yes
Emerald Champion Yes
Page 7 Earned (Yes/No)
MooShu Explorer Yes
The Purifier Yes
Peacemaker Yes
Spirit Walker Yes
Sword Saint Yes
Ninja Hunter Yes
Ninja Slayer 122/250 Pigs
Page 8 Earned (Yes/No)
Nightstalker No
Ronin Hunter 36/50 Samoorai
Yojimbo No
Samurai No
*Dragonspyre Master Un-Confirmed
Ghostbuster Yes
Loremaster Yes
Page 9 Earned (Yes/No)
Dragonrider Yes
Draconian Slayer Yes
Draconian Bane 87/100 Draconians
Draconian Master No
Savior of the Spiral Yes
Dragonspyre Explorer Yes
Master of Fire Ineligible
Page 10 Earned (Yes/No)
Master of Ice Ineligible
Master of Storm Ineligible
Master of Death Yes
Master of Nature Ineligible
Master of Monsters Ineligible
Master of Balance Ineligible
***Unknown*** No
Page 11 Earned (Yes/No)
***Unknown*** No
Spider Squisher Yes
Web Cutter Yes
Chitin Crusher 179/250 Spiders
Spiderbane No
Giant Hunter Yes
Giant Smasher Yes
Page 12 Earned (Yes/No)
Blood of the Giants 183/350 Giants
Undead Stalker Yes
Undead Hunter Yes
Undead Conquerer Yes
Undead Crusader 713/1000 Undead
Undead Slayer No
Golem Breaker Yes
Page 13 Earned (Yes/No)
Golem Destroyer 132/200 Golems
Technomancer No
***Unknown*** No
***Unknown*** No
Bookworm Yes
***Unknown*** No
***Unknown*** No
Page 14 Earned (Yes/No)
***Unknown*** No
Elemental Dispeller Yes
Elemental Banisher 248/250 Elementals
Elementalist No
Novice Crafter Yes
Apprentice Crafter Yes
Initiate Crafter Yes
Page 15 Earned (Yes/No)
Adept Crafter Yes
Master Artisan Working On It
PvP Badge None
Pet Derby Badge None
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