About Me

Hey guys! I love Wizards 101, and play it often. My main character is Stephen Stormtalon (Adept Necromancer), and I don't have any secondary characters at the moment. I am usually on the Server Balestrom in Area 1. I will try my best to make this wiki a better reference tool for players to use.

Current Message: "Guys, its not that hard to help with the current project on the wiki. I actually found helping with it really fun!"

My Wizards

Stephen Stormtalon

Stephen Stormtalon (Level 28).gif


Name: Stephen Stormtalon

Main School: Death (Necromancer)

Secondary School: None (Will Pick One Soon)

Current Level: 28 (Twenty-Eight)

Current Pet: None (I Plan On Pet Training When I Get My Wraith)

Current World of Interest: Grizzlehiem

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