Lucas Sunrunner at a Glance:
Lucas Sunrunner
Rank: 7 Student
Health: 2,234
Creature Class: Wizard
School: Fire Fire
Boost: N/A
Resist: 35% to Fire Fire
Physical Attack: 95 Storm damage
Minion: Rex the Helephant
Location: Dragonspyre - Dragonspyre Academy


Lucas Sunrunner is a young wizard currently studying advanced magic in Dragonspyre. He is also Professor Falmea's favorite student.

Spells Known

Elemental Blade Elemental Trap Fireblade Fire Trap Fire Shield Glacial Shield Fire Elf Meteor Strike Phoenix 127x195px Fire Dragon Life Shield Legend Shield Pixie Satyr


Dean Darkflame's Fiery Mantle
Jade Oni's Garments
Oyotomi's Shoes of Egoism
Bristleback's Thunderblade
Champion's Decoy Choker
Searing Signet
Deck of the Devouring Flame

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