Laura AshThief

Level: 60

Online: Online- Be in the spiral!

Central Account: LauraAshthief

YouTube Account: TheYUO

Searching For/Dropped By/Where it is:

  • Hydra Statue/Vika Markmaker/The Crystal Grove
  • Fire Cat Statue/Alicane Swiftarrow/Fire Cat Alley
  • Triton Statue/Sergeant Skullsplitter/Triton Avenue
  • Oni Statue/Katia Firewinter/The Crucible
  • Minotaur Statue/Karuvian Scargiver/Plaza of Conquest
  • Headmaster Statue/Chronius/The Crystal Grove
  • Death Mastery Amulet/Crown Shop or Waterworks/Need crowns
  • Pet Rock/Hatchery/Anyone with one
  • Premier Poker/ " "/ " "
  • Storm Elf/ " "/ " "
  • Jade Oni/ " "/ " "
  • Fire Beetle/ " "/ " "

Favorite Spell(s): Medusa, Ra, and Forest Lord

School: Myth


  • Ice (Completed)
  • Storm (Not going to say)
  • Moon (Completed)

Pet(s) that are commonly used:

  • Bear the Tricky Wildclaw (Adult)
  • Harry the Orthrus (Ancient)
  • Princess Samantha the Ianthine Spectre (Baby)- Got it from the Demon in the Plaza of Conquest
  • Lord Charlie the Fierce Hound (Adult)
  • Miss Morgan the Frostlord (Adult)
  • Penny the Archfiend (Adult)
  • Duke Elvis the Crabling (Adult)
  • Fluffy the Wendigo (Adult)
  • Mister Spencer the Humongofrog (Adult)
  • Lady Luna the Tundra Warden (Adult)
  • Duke Abby the Topaz Kraken (Adult)
  • Prince Marley the Gloom Toad (Baby)
  • Orio the Mythzilla (Adult)
  • Lady Misty the Snake in a Basket (Adult)
  • King Samson the Nightmare (Adult)- Hatched for it
  • Lord Rex the Crop Watcher (Adult)
  • Sammy the Rain Beetle (Adult)
  • Lady Sasha the Pet Egg (Adult)
  • Miss Samantha the Frost Hound (Adult)
  • Mister Beau the Vigilant Dragon (Baby)- Got from Card Pack
  • Madame Casey the Assailing Dragon (Baby)- Got from Card Pack
  • Lady Ellie the Frostcaller (Baby)
  • Lord Jasper the Forest Crawler (Adult)
  • Chance the Astral Judge (Baby)
  • Mia the Shadow Phoenix (Adult)
  • Lady Lillie the Seraph (Adult)
  • Sir Samson the Samoorai (Adult)
  • Queen Brady the Yellow Elf (Ancient)
  • Mia the Shadow Phoenix (Adult)
  • Sir Henry the Nightwalker (Adult)- Death Minotaur Card
  • Romeo the Cloud Beast (Adult)
  • Armored Skeletal Knight (Adult)
  • Lord Champ the Frost Hound (Ancient)

Currently working on:

  • Wintertusk (Side Quest- Waiting for level cap to raise, I've already reached 70 D:)
  • Zafaria- (The last few bits of it)

Past work before the account:

  • Created the Tower of War page
  • Edited the Tricky WildClaw page

Thing I did when I wasn't logged in:

  • Re-edited Astral Judge
  • Answer a Question on the Talk for Haunted Cave
  • Work on the Belladonna Crisp page


  • Myth House
  • Fanstay Palace Castle
  • Massive Sultan's Palace
  • Royal Playhouse
  • Island Getaway

Other Stuff:

Youtube Channel ---> TheYUO the Dragon

Art: Untitled500.png

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