My goal is to help make this page the #1 source for Wizard 101 resources.
I have 1 hour every lunch break every weekday to contribute (ok, it's a lot less now - sorry guys!).
If someone searches Google for anything related to Wizard 101, it should bring them HERE!

Geez I spend so much time on this! But, this game is so great, it's the next WoW!

My upcoming crazy projects

(or just my to-do list - feel free to make it YOUR to-do list!)

  • Beat the game! (Do I really want to do this first before adding to the Wiki?)
  • List of all possible Pet Names, including a ranking of titles (for example, "Duke" ranks less than "Princess"). Yes, I took screenshots of all the names now!
  • Copying all Wizard 101 FAQ questions from their site onto this site (copyright issues?)
  • Finish the Experience Chart from levels 1-10 at least. And add some color to it to make it more readable. (Reference:
  • Add Category:Chart to any charts. (maybe or maybe not, maybe not a good idea afterall)
  • Make a massive spell chart to my liking :)
  • Complete all card descriptions for all cards that have uploaded images.
  • List of Boss drops and frequency - which means fighting bosses over and over and over... At least put in Wand, Pet, and Deck drops. Clothing & Athames optional.
  • List of Realms - Just for giggles.
  • Discussion about Language Filter. Why numbers can't be typed (so you can't reveal your age in the game). Maybe a list of words that are banned, and combinations, such as "an as".
  • Color vs. Price chart - Both trim and base. (All Combos and prices relative to other combos). Note to self - Base appears a lighter color than Trim (and make yet another chart showing the comparison, and also the Hex values of the colors used, only so I can be nerdy).
  • Take screenshots of all Treasure cards. Chart prices.
  • Fake pets (for example, if you are Storm wizard, you get a quest around level 8, and a snake appears in front of the library as part of the quest. That is a Fake Pet).
  • Mini-game break points (the amount of points you need to get prizes) along with what kind of prizes you can get. Yes, I HAVE noticed that if you keep playing a game over and over, the point scale for rewards changes. I still have yet to figure out the pattern.
  • Mini-game tips - such as for Conjuration, some symbols will only appear twice (Nightshade, Dracula), where some appear more times.
  • Grab a bunch of stuff from Wizard 101 Central Forums, add it to this page, and of course, thank the original poster.
  • Access Pass chart, much like the one on Wiz101 main page, but add details about how much money you'd save vs a membership fee.
  • Add listing order to Badges page.
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