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I really like hybrid pets because I think that they are very interesting, but all pets are pretty cool, specifically dropped pets and hatched pets. I have a level 56 storm and I am working on a fire. I am also working on a pet guide currently. I have used this website a lot and I think that it is a great resource. I was very curious about the spells I would be getting when I was a noob, so I looked online and ended up here. I have worked on most of the hybrid pet pages. I guess you could call me a "petaholic" lol. The last pet hybrid that needs stats is the Goat Monk (Hybrid), and Katherine Deathpants and I are currently working on finding it. If you happen to find someone with the HYBRID Goat Monk, PLEASE add that stats tp the page, and any other info you can find.

Current Projects

Updating Treasure Cards

After move: possible storm, death, and ice spell animations

My advice on farming


Don't farm Jotun. I tried it for fun, but if you want money, he is not the monster to go to. If you are feeling confident, go ahead and try farming him, but don't be surprised if you find yourself dead after a few minutes. And don't plan on quick-rounding him. Some of my fights with him have taken up to an hour or more. If you ARE going to try to farm him, bring along a life grandmaster, maybe even two.


If you are a cheater like me, go ahead and farm mal. I call him mal for short :P but only my fellow open chatters can see it. Anyways, it helps to be able to kill him in a few rounds. If you are storm and have a balance and life friend prepared for a challange, then go get them and farm Malistaire. Though there are other combinations that are good for farming mal, I have found that normally, this will work. If you have another friend, bring them along to, you will normally need al the help you can get. Depending on how long it takes you for each battle and how patient you are, you can also go farm the other bossos in the dungeon to get a better chance on the gear you are farming for. However, if you are going to farm mal, don't battle any non-boss monsters. The reason you are in the dungeon is to fight Malistair, not wimpy little dragons. To cheat to the elevator with the Gurtok Firebender and Gurtok Piercer, get another friend and use "The Cheat". Well at least that's my name for it. It's where one friend stands near the entrance to the annoying The Path of Scales and another farther away. Then the farther friend ports to the near one and runs towards him or her and the door BEFORE the port is finished loading. They will appear next to the elevator above. To get past the gurtoks, you can have one friend go into battle, then log out and port back. In the Dragon's Maw, there is a boss named Tumok Gravelbeard. He is optional, but has pretty good drops. If you have plently of time, go ahead and battle him. When you do finally get to malistair, try to kill him as fast as you can becuase he can heal using his "cheapo" death spells. One thing I have learned from past experiences: farming him alone is fun but not easy. Also, I would recommend trying to get your hands on pacify cards. I have found them pretty useful when farming with friends.

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