I am one of the new Admins for Wizard 101 Wiki, hopefully over the coming months we can make this into an excellent reference for all things Wizard 101. If you have any questions, comments or would like to apply to be more involved in this site you can email wikiwizard101@gmail.com

Due to a series of unfortunate events Meritico and I have been somewhat noticeably absent, and our absence has continued beyond what we initially thought. We do hope to be back in our fully functional manner sometime soon - but when that would be is still a little uncertain. We are still here though, just not as actively editing / adding / patrolling as we have been.

Personally I am itching to get into fixing up the Krok pages, but circumstances means at this point it is an impossibility. It is fantastic how the site is continuing to grow and the editors that have come to the fore.

Potroast is currently the acting admin on the site and is covering a lot of the above duties, he is doing an absolutely wonderful job and we are looking forward to working with him when we become active again.

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