Wizard 101 Wiki

About me

I've been playing Wizard 101 since November 2009, and I really love the game.

I've been using (and contributing to) the Wiki almost the entire time and always found it really useful! I stepped up my level of contribution this summer and enjoy trying to make the information as accurate and easy to find as possible for users. And much to my surprise, I'm now an admin and the top editor on the site.

My main admin projects to date have been:

1) Designing and implementing new pages, templates, and organizational structure in the wiki for the new Wizard 101 pet system,
2) Reorganizing and rewriting some of the Help/Instruction and Basic Game Information Sections of the Wiki,
3) Making the new Reagents Template, and
4) Converting Creatures, Clothing, and the rest of the Wiki over to the automated Infobox templates (which are awesome!).

My personal projects (often secondary to the above projects)

1) Going through every side and story quest from Wizard City to Dragonspyre systematically to make sure information is mostly accurate (Ravenscar is not completed yet in Grizzleheim)
2) updating information on creatures and items in Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim (the most incomplete Worlds on the Wiki).

That's aside from updating anything else I find that needs cleaning up or new information.