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Current Projects

NOTE: Projects are worked on when I have time.

-Currently redoing a bunch of images. I'm starting with icons and spell cards. Will try to finish Icons first. For the icons I'm just taking higher resolution images and tweaking them to replace the lower quality ones. The spell cards are a bit more complicated because there are no higher quality ones to go off. For these, I'm taking apart the higher quality old cards and rebuilding them into the newer cards.

After looking through thousands of fonts in various archives, I finally found the font that KigsIsle uses for the titles of the spell cards. In case you're interested, the font used for the title is Shermlock and the font used in the description is Comic Sans MS.

Icons done:

-Storm Ice Fire Death Myth Life Balance

-StormLogo IceLogo FireLogo DeathLogo MythLogo LifeLogo BalanceLogo

-Damage Health Steal Global Ward Charm Accuracy

-XP Gold TrainingPoint Potion Furniture Athame Robe Amulet Boots Ring Wand TreasureCard Deck Hat Spell SecretReward Dye Pet PowerPip Resistance Arenaticket Crown PvPCommander PvpVeteran

Spell Cards done:

-Lightning Elf Storm Shark

-Ice Elf Ice Shark

-Fire Elf 50px

-Dark Sprite Ghoul Banshee Wraith (Spell)

About My Wizards

I've been playing wizard101 since sometime around the beginning of March 2010. I currently have 6 wizards.

(in order of creation)

Justin MoonPyre


Justin NightStrider


Natalie FairyGlade

Level 27  Level 28  Level 29
IceLogoLifeLogo DeathLogoLifeLogo LifeLogoDeathLogo

Justin StormRider


Natalie DragonTalon


Natalie DarkBlossom

Level 12  Level 15  Level 17
StormLogoLifeLogo BalanceLogoLifeLogo DeathLogoBalanceLogo

Tips and Pointers (WIP)

Quickest way to level up: Do the quests! Get as many quests as you can started. A good number of them will have you do the same thing anyway. If you have 2 quests that ask you to defeat 3 skeletons, defeating 3 will complete both quests! That way you don't waste time defeating 6!

Final Thoughts

For all you guys and girls wondering out there: the girls' and boys' Dorm rooms are Exactly the same =P

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