Marcus Ironward Marcus Ironward
MythLogoSmall Conjurer
Journeyman - Level 17
Health Button 954 Mana Button 114
Currently Questing in Krokotopia
Backpack Banner
Wand Button Antiquated Wand Robe Button Paradoxical Vest
Hat Button Helm of the Troll King Shoe Button Shoes Of Annihilation
Athame Button Peridot Studded Athame Ring Button Sphinx's Ring
Amulet Button Swooping Necklace Pet Button Madame Belle
Blue Cyclops

About me

I just started playing Wizard 101 on APril 1st, 2009. I consider the date to be fairly apt, seeing as how when I first downloaded the game and started playing for free, I was fully expecting some half-finished kiddie game that I'd just as soon uninstall and completely forget about. The very next day, I signed up for a paid account, and have spent nearly all of my spare time questing (and an almost equal amount of time taking dozens and dozens of screenshots).

Not long afterwards, I came across this Wiki, and with my current extreme amounts of free time, figured I would apply my love and obsession for the game towards something that would hopefully help other players and the Wizard 101 community at large. In-game, my main character is Marcus Ironward (you can see his wonderful statsheet above); here, you can simply call me Auster.

If you need me for just about anything, I can be reached at:

Right here, on my discusion page
Windows Live (MSN) Messenger & Primary E-mail:
AIM: CPAuster

Please note that I am very, VERY rarely on or check either my AIM or my Yahoo accounts; your best bet would be to e-mail or IM me at my MSN address; I check my GMail periodically, but nowhere near as often as my MSN.

My contributions

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