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About me

I'm male, born in 1963, have three kids, and we all play Wizard101. We share two accounts, and I have two characters on each account, the kids have the rest of the available slots.

One one account I have

Angus Firedust, Death, Level 50, Master Artisan

Aaron, Life, Level 35

and the other

Zachary WyrmWraith, Life, Level 50, Master Artisan

Michael Firedust, Storm Level 5

The last name of Angus Firedust was picked because I had just finished the reading the Inkheart series of books and I wanted to name a character Dustfinger. The Angus name was supposed to be joke, like the type of beef. Aaron and Zachary WW are the first and last names male names that can be picked, again, an attempt at a joke. Since people can have a hard time understanding the two computers and two accounts thing I have going on, I gave the Storm character the same last name as Angus, hoping non-chat players can catch on.

I can often be found on the Pixie Realm unless porting to a friend has changed it.

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