Unicorn Way is the location of the first line of main quests. It has recently become plagued by corrupted Dark Fairies and various Undead, such as the ghostly Lost Souls and the squat Skeletal Pirates. Here, the player must, amongst other things, discover the reason behind the corruption of the fairies and help clear away some of the Undead from the streets.

Additionally, this street has a smith, an History book and an Unicorn statue (the last two are rewards from the main boss, Lady Blackhope).


Map WC Unicorn Way.png


Ceren Nightchant
Private Connelly
Ugo Kalahad
Olivia Dawnwillow
Diego the Duelmaster
Roland Silverheart
Lady Oriel


Lost Soul
Skeletal Pirate
Dark Fairy
Fairy Queen
Lady Blackhope

Places of Interest

Dorothy Gale's House
Lady Blackhope's Tower
Rattlebones' Tower
Hedge Maze
Unicorn Pearl House

Connects To


Available Reagents

Mist Wood
Cat Tail
Water Lily

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