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First View of Golem Tower


Start the game and elect not to skip the tutorial when given the choice to, "Skip or Next."

Given by: Merle Ambrose


Follow the on screen prompts to learn the basic controls
Walk to the Tower door
Walk into the battle
Follow the on screen prompts to learn how to battle

Hand In: Merle Ambrose


33 XP.png
Spell Book containing a spell according to School
Balance: Scarab
Death: Dark Sprite
Fire: Fire Cat
Ice: Frost Beetle
Life: Imp
Myth: Blood Bat
Storm: Thunder Snake
Wand according to School
Balance: Wand of Equivalence
Death: Wand of Repose
Fire: Branded Wand
Ice: Insulated Wand
Life: Fairy's Wand
Myth: Antiquated Wand
Storm: Charged Wand

Leads to:

Unicorn's Folly - storyline quest

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