Toshio in Mooshu


MooShu , Jade Palace

Gives quest

Legend of Two Rings
Dirks of Daring
Dragon Your Feet

Ends quest

Who Do the Mooshu?
Legend of Two Rings
Dirks of Daring

Toshio's Crafting Recipe Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Possibility Dirk 850 Gold
Possibility Dirk.png
Athame of Infinity 850 Gold
Athame of Infinity.png
Empyrean Blade 850 Gold
Empyrean Blade.png


Item Price Currency Image
Seal of the Seraphim 900 Gold
Seal of the Seraphim.png
Jewel of Principle 900 Gold
Jewel of Principle.png
Band of Paradise 900 Gold
Band of Paradise.png


Item Price Currency Image
Mossy Bamboo Obelisk 1890 Gold
Mossy Bamboo Obelisk.png
Carved Stone Tower 1900 Gold
Carved Stone Tower.png
Bright Stone Tower 1900 Gold
Bright Stone Tower.png
Stone Bridge 1920 Gold
Stone Bridge.png


Item Price Currency Image
Wyrm-Footed Table 1980 Gold
Wyrm-Footed Table.png
Wyrm-Stand Table 1690 Gold
Wyrm-Stand Table.png
Ironbound Dresser 1650 Gold
Ironbound Dresser.png
Wyrm-Footed Dresser 1620 Gold
Wyrm-Footed Dresser.png
Jade Dragon Chair 1900 Gold
Jade Dragon Chair.png
Crimson Book Stand 1760 Gold
Crimson book standb.jpg
Broken Jail Cell 1920 Gold
Broken Jail Cell.png
Canopy Bed 1700 Gold


Item Price Currency Image
Blue Silk Kimono 1600 Gold
Blue Silk Kimono.png
Solar Rug 1700 Gold
Solar Rug.png

Transmute Recipes

Item Price Currency Image
Transmute Spider Silk 150 Gold
Spider Silk.png
Transmute Water Lily 200 Gold
Water Lily.png
Transmute Black Pearl 400 Gold
Black Pearl.png
Transmute Black Lotus 300 Gold
Black Lotus.png

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