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Housing Recipe Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Watchtower Hall 60000 Gold
Watchtower Hall

Wall Hangings

Item Price Currency Image
Kitchen Ware Pots 1890 Gold
Kitchen Ware Pots
Kitchen Ware Rack 1740 Gold
Kitchen Ware Rack
Kitchen Shelves 1890 Gold
Kitchen Shelves
Kitchen Shelf Stand 1830 Gold
Kitchen Shelf Stand
Kitchen Cabinet 2070 Gold
Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Shelf Unit 1950 Gold
Kitchen Shelf Unit
Ingredient Shelf 7680 Gold
Ingredient Shelf
Cuckoo Clock 12840 Gold
Cuckoo Clock


Item Price Currency Image
Large Mixing Table 2190 Gold
Large Mixing Table
Mixing Table 2640 Gold
Mixing Table
Untidy Bookshelf 3660 Gold
Untidy bookshelf
Ornate Sideboard 2880 Gold
Ornate Sideboard
Plain Wooden Table (Grizzleheim) 3090 Gold
Plain Wooden Table (Grizzleheim)
Plain Wooden Chair 2760 Gold
Plain Wooden Chair
Aquarium 16520 Gold
Grandfather Clock 13000 Gold
Grandfather Clock


Item Price Currency Image
Egg Basket 6200 Gold
Egg Basket
Lattice Cherry Pie 1830 Gold
Lattice Cherry Pie
Tankard 1980 Gold
Large Clay Jar 2280 Gold
Large Clay Jar
Rootbeer Cask 1890 Gold
Rootbeer Cask
Tea Set 2430 Gold
Tea set
Gold Place Setting 3040 Gold
Gold Place Setting
Jar of Mushrooms 2400 Gold
Jar of Mushrooms
Sandwich Station 1920 Gold
Sandwich Station
Jar of Mandrake 2400 Gold
Mandrake jar
Bowl of Potatoes 1860 Gold
Bowl of Potatoes
Toy Train Set 17440 Gold
Toy Train Set
Bamboo Fountain 11960 Gold
Bamboo Fountain
Ship in a Bottle 12920 Gold
Ship in a Bottle
Pot of Soup 12480 Gold
Pot of Soup

Transmute Recipes

Item Price Currency Image
Transmute Grendelweed 400 Gold
Transmute Frost Flower 300 Gold
Frost Flower

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