Thrain Stormfriend GH NPC



Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Trade Voyage

Ends Quest:

Hat and Shoe Shop


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Shadeseeker's Hat 568 2430 Gold
File:Hat Shadeseeker's Hat Male.png
Hat Shadeseeker's Hat Female
Clamorous Cover 568 2430 Gold
File:Hat Clamorous Cover Male.png
Hat Clamorous Cover Female
Tenacious Headgear 1135 4860 Gold
File:Hat Tenacious Headgear Male.png
Hat Tenacious Headgear Female
Cap of Resolution 1135 4860 Gold
File:Hat Cap of Resolution Male.png
Hat Cap of Resolution Female
Hood of the Lost Horizon 852 3645 Gold
File:Hat Hood of the Lost Horizon Male.png
Hat Hood of the Lost Horizon Female
Parallel Headdress 1800 5402 Gold
File:Hat Parallel Headdress Male.png
Hat Parallel Headdress Female
Gallows Hat 2545 7290 Gold
File:Hat Gallows Hat Male.png
Hat Gallows Hat Female
Heavenly Headgear 1818 3188 Gold
File:Hat Heavenly Headgear Male.png
Hat Heavenly Headgear Female
Veil of Mystery 1988 4698 Gold
File:Hat Veil of Mystery Male.png
Hat Veil of Mystery Female
Foulweather Hat 3363 6734 Gold
File:Hat Foulweather Hat Male.png
Hat Foulweather Hat Female
Frostrimmed Coif 1703 4788 Gold
File:Hat Frostrimmed Coif Male.png
Hat Frostrimmed Coif Female
Magnificent Mantle 2898 4892 Gold
File:Hat Magnificent Mantle Male.png
Hat Magnificent Mantle Female
Helm of Zeal 1703 7290 Gold
File:Hat Helm of Zeal Male.png
Hat Helm of Zeal Female


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Footguards of the Jarl 454 1944 Gold
Footguards of the Jarl Male
Boots Footguards of the Jarl Female
Thane's Boots 454 1944 Gold
File:Boots Thane's Boots Male.png
Thane's Boots Female
Boots of Havoc 908 3888 Gold
File:Boots Boots of Havoc Male.png
Boots Boots of Havoc Female
Boots of the Prescript 1440 4322 Gold
File:Boots Boots of the Prescript Male.png
Boots Boots of the Prescript Female
Footwear of the Vigil 2036 5832 Gold
File:Boots Footwear of the Vigil Male.png
Boots Footwear of the Vigil Female
Wraps of the Conservation 1454 2551 Gold
File:Boots Wraps of the Conservation Male.png
Boots Wraps of the Conservation Female
Footgear of Allegory 1590 3758 Gold
File:Boots Footgear of Allegory Male.png
Boots Footgear of Allegory Female
Cataract Boots 2690 5387 Gold
File:Boots Cataract Boots Male.png
Boots Cataract Boots Female
Snowtstalker Footwraps 1362 3830 Gold
File:Boots Snowtstalker Footwraps Male.png
Boots Snowtstalker Footwraps Female
Tempestuous Walkers 2318 3914 Gold
File:Boots Tempestuous Walkers Male.png
Boots Tempestuous Walkers Female
Valorous Boots 1362 5832 Gold
File:Boots Valorous Boots Male.png
Boots Valorous Boots Female
Mistborn Footwear 1362 5832 Gold
File:Boots Mistborn Footwear Male.png
Boots Mistborn Footwear Female

Hat Shop while on Trade Voyage

Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Fatebinder's Helm 189 810 Gold
File:Hat Fatebinder's Helm Male.png
Hat Fatebinder's Helm Female

Boot Shop while on Trade Voyage

Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Lorefinder's Boots 114 486 Gold
File:Boots Lorefinder's Boots Male.png
Boots Lorefinder's Boots Female

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