Thorlief Woodcrafter GH NPC

Location: Northguard

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Furniture Shop

Plant Life

Item Price Currency Image
Wild Fern 200 Gold
Wild Fern
Small Birch Tree 540 Gold
Small Birch Tree
Small Evergreen Tree 570 Gold
Small Evergreen Tree
Small Fir Tree 580 Gold
Small Fir Tree
Medium Birch Tree 630 Gold
Medium Birch Tree

Wall Hangings

Item Price Currency Image
Wooden Shelf 335 Gold
Wooden Shelf


Item Price Currency Image
Small Heavy Table 315 Gold
Small Heavy Table
Lounge Table 510 Gold
Lounge Table
Horn-Leg Table 690 Gold
Horn-Leg Table
Winter Bed 760 Gold
Winter Bed


Item Price Currency Image
Dinner Plate 85 Gold
Dinner Plate
Bundle of Rope 115 Gold
Bundle of Rope
Bear-Paw Oar 205 Gold
Bear-Paw Oar
Stoppered Jar 320 Gold
Stoppered Jar
Barrel Table 375 Gold
Barrel Table

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