Keeper of the Fang
"What?!? You think you can just waltz right into The Vault of Ice and take the Golden Fang! This Dungeon will be your final resting place!"
"Only four at a time can be in a Dungeon so bring your best warriors! And when everyone leaves, the level will reset in a short amount of time."
"You can replay this area, allowing you to gain additional unique loot. But only if you survive!"


The Vault Of Ice Map.png


Breaking the Vault
Find the Fang
Tome of the Fang


Shalek the Wise


Vault Haunter
Vigilant Defender


Defender of the Fang
Guardian of the Fang
Protector of the Fang
Keeper of the Fang

Connects To

Entrance Hall

Available Reagents

Stone Block (Reagent)

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