The Oasis is the main "hub world" of Krokotopia. It contains a small lake, library, and bazaar, as well as a hidden shop and spell trainer. The Pyramid of the Sun connects to the Oasis while a boat takes the player to the Krokosphinx Island (after you defeat Krokenkahmen in the Throne Room of Fire). Also, a portal next to Hetch Al'Dim will take you to the Tomb of Storms (after you have defeated Krokhotep in the Emperor's Retreat).

The Oasis contains a hidden market run by Sed Talam and a hidden spell trainer Tish'mah. Spoiler On The Discussion Tab


Oasis Hidden Shop Instructions 1


Sergeant Major Talbot
Prospector Zeke
Hetch Al'dim
Captain Salalabad
Sir Reginald Baxby


Ahmir Fayed (Deck Shop)
Aziz Mufasa (Ring and Amulet Shop)
Sayid Avini (Shoes and Wands Shop)
Hared Haesir (Robe Shop)
Keisar Hal'am (Athame and Hat Shop)
Sed Talam (Secret Shop) Spoiler On The Discussion Tab
Tish'mah (Spell Trainer, above Secret Shop)

Places Of Interest

Krokotopia Spiral Chamber
Krokotopia Library
Sed's Secret Shop Spoiler On The Discussion Tab

Connects To

Pyramid of the Sun
Tomb of Storms

The following are connections through the Spiral Door inside the first oasis pyramid:

The Oasis
Regent's Square
Jade Palace
The Basilica
Celestia Base Camp

Available Reagents

Stone Block (Reagent)
Cat Tail
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