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The Grand Chasm Past is an instance level accessed from the time machine in The Grand Chasm through the Forward... Into History! quest. Edrik Scatterglow has suggested you enter the past, so you may talk with Vasek Ashweaver (Past) in order to obtain the vault key for Vault 1933, which holds the portal stone you require . When you arrive in The Grand Chasm Past, you enter right at the moment the Dragon Titan army is invading. You must repair bridges with your magic, lock safes, and buy Vasek Ashweaver the time he needs to protect Dragonspyre's treasure troves from the invading army.


The Grand Chasm Past Map


Vasek Ashweaver (Past)


Back to the Beginning
The Vault of Fire


Fireshock Trooper
Draconian Battlemage
Manascale Sorcerer
General Firetusk
Terrorwing Enforcer
War Wyrm

Connects To

The Grand Chasm

Available Reagents

Lava Lily
Mist Wood
Stone Block (Reagent)

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