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The Drake Hatchery is the first encountered location after entering The Necropolis. The Drake Hatchery is zone haunted by ghosts of dragons and men alike. The prominent feature of this zone is a downward spiraling area leading to a well-guarded dragon's nest containing one of the last surviving dragon eggs. Castamir Silverdrake will serve as your instructor as you eventually raise and hatch a dragon of your own.

Note: Viktor Snow Crusher is at the bottom of the Spiral Area of Dragons.


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Ancient Matriarch
Castamir Silverdrake
Mother Flamestrike
Mother Warwing
Tomar Skyblade
Anilla Firemantle


Enter the Dragon Rider
Et Tu, Statue?
Textbook Example
The Drakester


Kyanite Valkyrie
Molten Hunter
Terrorwing Enforcer
Terrorwing Warlock
Gallium Juggernaut
Giant Homonculus
Ivan Soulsinger
The Hoarder (upper left area of map)
Valeska Redwind (in the Secure House)
Viktor Snowcrusher

Connects To

The Necropolis

Places of Interest

Secure House in the spiral area on the map

Available Reagents

Lava Lily
Stone Block (Reagent)

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