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PreQuest: The Key to the Temple

Given by: Temple Gatekeeper


Start Temple of Storms instance
Complete Test of Strength quest
Complete Get Smart quest
Defeat Krokopatra
Talk to Ghost of Krokhotep

Hand In: Ghost of Krokhotep


58 Gold
960 XP
Athame according to School:
Balance: Dirk of Capacity
Death: Somatic Dagger
Fire: Glowing Athame
Ice: Permafrost Stiletto
Life: Mummy's Dagger
Myth: Corsair's Dirk
Storm: Magnetic Stiletto
Spell according to School:
Balance: Hex
Death: Beguile
Fire: Choke
Ice: Frostbite
Life: Guidance
Myth: Cleanse Ward
Storm: Cleanse Charm

Leads to: Triumphant Return

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