Spells that need different image/page names

If there are any spells that do not appear correctly please place them in a list below. I will go through this list and cross it off after each has been fixed.

  • Fire Cat spell did not show up. It just stays as a red link saying: File:firecat.png
  • Fire Blade spell does not show up. - Fireblade is one word
  • Ice Blade spell - Iceblade is one word
  • Ice Elf not showing right image (will link to right page though)
  • Fire Snake not showing right image, but will link to right page
  • Raging Kraken (Found on Boris Blackrock) - added to the list
  • Ice Kraken (Found on Boris Blackrock) - not an actual spell (Raging kraken is proper name)

--Potroast42 22:17, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

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