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Pip Cost:




Received From:


Required Character Level:

Prerequisite for:

Can be purchased with Training Points*:

*Training Points are only required if you do not belong to the School of the spell. If you belong to the School, the spell is FREE.

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Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
school The school the spell is from.
pipcost The number of pips the spell to cast
accuracy The accuracy of the spell. Example: 80%
type The type of spell. Examples: Damage, Steal, Heal, Ward, Charm.
descrip and dimage work together to describe the spell
They are used like so: descrip1= Deals 500 dimage1= Damage descrip2= and gives 50% dimage2= Heal
descrip 1-5 Used for text.
dimage 1-5 Used to add images.
creatureonly This should only be used if the card is not learnable by the player.
trainer The teacher of the spell. If spell is from a quest then use the quest's name here.
reqlevel The required level a character has to be to learn the spell.
reqspellno This is only to be used if there is no required spells. Just put None on this parameter if there is no required spells.
reqspell 1-10 The spells that must be learned before this spell can be learned.ghhhhyhhhhhklgkjgkjgj.nm,bjkg$&(
prespellno This is only to be used if there is no prerequisite spells. Just put None on this parameter if there is no prerequisite spells.
prespell 1-10 The spells that can be learned after this one is learned.
trainpoint Most important. Tells if the spell can be learned through the use of training points or not. The only answers accepted here are: Yes or No.
minion Put Yes here if the card summons a minion.
Please note that the template supports up to 15 minions. If you have more to enter than the three slots hold then please add the extra hhhlines in accordingly.
minionpips The number of pips it cost to summon the minion.
minionlook Place the name of a creature the the minion is modeled after here.
minionrank The rank that the minion is.
minionhealth The amount of health the minion has.

Using the Infobox

If you want to use the template for new pages, just copy/paste the text in the white box below. To change an existing page, just copy/paste or subst the same stuff and copy the existing information onto the appropriate line, then erase the old text and original categories (categories automatically populate on the article page, but are not automatically created in the database).

| school = 
| pipcost = 
| accuracy = 
| type = 
| descrip1 = 
| dimage1 = 
| descrip2 = 
| dimage2 = 
| descrip3 = 
| dimage3 = 
| descrip4 = 
| dimage4 = 
| descrip5 = 
| dimage5 = 
| creatureonly = 
| trainer = 
| trainer2 = 
| reqlevel = 
| reqspellno = 
| reqspell1 = 
| reqspell2 = 
| reqspell3 = 
| reqspell4 = 
| reqspell5 = 
| reqspell6 = 
| reqspell7 = 
| reqspell8 = 
| reqspell9 = 
| reqspell10 = 
| prespellno = 
| prespell1 = 
| prespell2 = 
| prespell3 = 
| prespell4 = 
| prespell5 = 
| prespell6 = 
| prespell7 = 
| prespell8 = 
| prespell9 = 
| prespell10 = 
| trainpoint = 
| minion = 
| minion1 = 
| minion1pips = 
| minion1look = 
| minion1rank = 
| minion1health = 
| minion2 = 
| minion2pips = 
| minion2look = 
| minion2rank = 
| minion2health = 
| minion3 = 
| minion3pips = 
| minion3look = 
| minion3rank = 
| minion3health = 

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