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This is used for Hats, Robes, and Boots
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This template formats calls made by Createplate-Clothing
This is an interpretation of PotRoast42's Template:Items/test page. It also includes ideas submitted and tested on Tunic of Energy and other pages by User:ColinRainbowRider|ColinRainbowRider.

==For Discussion==
What to do for level value "Any?" Anyone want to make some number in circle logos?
It is possible to link the graphics to something using #lnk, but that is not implemented


Level Required: Level {{{level}}}

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Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
imagem Copy any existing image name here. If there is no name, leave blank.
imagef Copy any existing image name here. If there is no name, leave blank.
worldm Use this if there is more than one world where an item is sold, dropped, or is a quest reward, or if you know wher it came from even if you can't quite remember how you got it (currently, each world line accommodates only one world.) Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu Dragonspyre, Grizzleheim)
type Hat, Robe, Boots
level Minimum level required for use of this equipment. All levels take a + at the end except 50.
arnarnk Rank required to use the Item (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Veteran, Knight, Captain, Warlord, Overlord (No Icon for Overlord))
(bonuses) What bonuses the item gives (there are two lines for each bonus type: school followed by the bonus itself)
  • School the bonus effects (Any, Balance, Death, Life, Fire, Ice, Myth, Storm)
  • +# or +#%
  • Max Health, Max Mana, Accuracy, Damage, Resistance, Power Pip Chance
  • Use bdam2, bacc2, and bres2 for a second school specific stat
bpps Leave blank unless the item awards either a Pip, Power Pip
icnum The number (if any) of Item Cards this item awards
icname The name (if any) of the item card this item awards
trade Yes/No
auction Yes/No
school Any, Balance, Death, Life, Fire, Ice, Myth, Storm
retired Yes/No. If set to Yes, none of the world categories will populate. Also, seasonal: Valentine's, Easter, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
vendor Who buys or sells this item. Use "Any" if only a sell price is known. (Do not include the Bazaar)
xchgu units of exchange for this vendor
wrldv World on which you can find this vendor (if left blank, this vendor's world categories may not populate)
lowbuy Lowest purchase price at vendor
highbuy Highest purchase price at vendor
lowsell Lowest sale price at vendor
highsell Highest sale price at vendor
bazlowbuy Lowest purchase price at the Bazaar
bazhighbuy Highest purchase price the Bazaar
bazlowsell Lowest sale price at the Bazaar
bazhighsell Highest sale price at the Bazaar
drop# The full, capitalized name of the creature that dropped it
wrldd World where it was dropped (if left blank, these drops' world categories may not populate)
unique Yes/No
reward1 The full, capitalized name of the quest that rewards this item
wrldrw World in which the item was received (if left blank, these rewards' world categories may not populate)
lkslike If this Item has the same exact shape (regardless of color) as some other Item, the Item can be listed here.
crafted "yes" if the item is crafted. If not, leave it blank.
crvendor The name of the vendor that sells the crafting recipe.
buyval The cost to buy the recipe.
crrank The crafting rank that's required to craft the item.
crstat The name of the crafting station that is needed to craft the item.
cooldown The cooldown time of the item.
reagent1-8 The name of the reagent that is needed to craft the item.
reagentnum1-8 The number of the corresponding reagent needed to craft the item.

Using the Infobox

If you want to use the template for new pages, just copy/paste the text in the white box below or use {{subst:ClothingInfobox}} on the edit page, save, and then edit again. To change an existing page, just copy/paste or subst the same stuff and copy the existing information (including the used name of any image it already uses) onto the appropriate line, then erase the old text and original categories (categories automatically populate on the article page, but are not automatically created in the database).

| imagem = 
| imagef = 
| worldm = 
| type = 
| level = 
| arnarnk = 
| bhealth = 
| bmana = 
| baccsch = 
| bacc = 
| baccsch2 = 
| bacc2 = 
| bdamsch = 
| bdam = 
| bdamsch2 = 
| bdam2 = 
| bressch = 
| bres = 
| bressch2 = 
| bres2 = 
| bppch = 
| bpps = 
| icnum = 
| icname = 
| trade = 
| auction = 
| school = 
| retired = 
| vendor = 
| xchgu = 
| wrldv = 
| lowbuy = 
| highbuy = 
| lowsell = 
| highsell = 
| bazlowbuy = 
| bazhighbuy = 
| bazlowsell = 
| bazhighsell = 
| drop1 = 
| drop2 = 
| drop3 = 
| drop4 = 
| drop5 = 
| drop6 = 
| drop7 = 
| drop8 = 
| drop9 = 
| drop10 = 
| wrldd = 
| unique = 
| reward1 = 
| reward2 =
| reward3 =
| wrldrw = 
| lkslike = 
| crafted = 
| crvendor = 
| buyval = 
| crrank = 
| crstat = 
| cooldown = 
| reagent1 = 
| reagentnum1 = 
| reagent2 = 
| reagentnum2 = 
| reagent3 = 
| reagentnum3 = 
| reagent4 = 
| reagentnum4 = 
| reagent5 = 
| reagentnum5 = 
| reagent6 = 
| reagentnum6 = 
| reagent7 = 
| reagentnum7 =