Storm gets a boost against Myth

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Is This the Class for Me?

Storm can deal large ammounts of damage very quickly. However, Diviners suffer from low health and accuracy. Because of the low accuracy, it is not an ideal class to minor in unless you can handle a fizzle roughly 45/100 times with long stretches of many fizzles in a row. If you're a Diviner, you can equip gear that gives you a decent accuracy boost to Storm elemental spells, so you shouldn't worry too much about that. The thing about Storm is the spell you cast can hit and end the battle quickly and efficiently, or it can fizzle resulting in your demise. Lastly, Storm gives instant gratification, but it does not do as much damage in the long run as some Fire spells. The Storm Lord deals 690 damage immediately. The Fire Dragon deals only 440 damage immediately, but it deals 351 damage over the next 3 rounds. This results in an additional 101 damage. Just keep in mind that you have to be patient. In conclusion, if you want instant gratification and are willing to sacrifice HP, accuracy, and a small ammount of damage, Storm is the school for you.--Ntr11023 01:06, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

However, The Triton spells can do more damage than Fire Dragon, the Storm Lord also stuns enemies.


I'm in storm, and i say it is the school for you. Storm wizards may not have alot of base health points, but they can unleash high amounts damage at about lvl 5. While most of their spells rank at about 70% accuracy, with the right gear, such as Youkai's Vestment and Smoggers Germane Boots, you may not suffer that bad accuracy, while those gears combined with a storm spell, the spell has more accuracy than Ice School. Storm wizards can be handy in Mooshu, where there is alot of myth enemies. Storm associates well with Marleybone too, because lots of enemies around Chelsea Court are storm, where you can you storm prisim. Storm wizards can also come in handy when fighting Cyrus Drake to get into Dragonspyre. Storm is definetly the school for someone who wants to unleash high amounts of damage.

StormWizard1034 13:24, May 22, 2010 (UTC)StormWizard1034

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