Is This the School for Me?

Balance is another very weak class. Their attacks don't hit very hard, but they do have decent accuracy. The main purpose of Balance is to buff. They receive Hex (30% to the next spell cast), Balanceblade (+25% to the next spell cast) and Bladestorm (+20% to the next spell to everyone). Balance is much better if you're in a group. If you're alone, you'll be spending a lot of time on every battle. Because of the weak attacks and there being no way to boost them unless you're actually a Balance wizard, Balance should be your last choice of classes to minor in. In conclusion, if you have a lot of friends who can help you constantly, you don't mind spending a lot of time when you don't, and you like visiting Krokotopia every time you want a new spell Balance is the school for you.--Ntr11023 01:24, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

Actually Balance is very strong and the power is inmessurable. Even though Balance is most powerful in group play, Balance can still be powerful in solo attacks. That is because Balance is a little bit of everything plus its own powerful spells.

I tend to think that balance is a good choice for your character's primary school. It has some unique spells spells that do decent damage with good buffs + shields. Also, balance wizards start off with tons of health (only ice wizards have more). Balance is supposed to be, well, balanced, but I tend to think that it's more of a defensive class. I'm running a character that has balance as his primary school with storm as his secondary, and I've had some very good results so far. Repatriator 21:07, January 17, 2010 (UTC)

I chose this school as my primary, and I find it powerful. I generally defeat monsters by adding a balanceblade and/or a hex on myself and/or my opponent, and then doing Spectral Blast, which will almost certainly kill my opponent. Umrag the Destroyer 00:27, March 22, 2010 (UTC)Umrag the Destroyer

Posted by Balance Boss! and unsigned

Balance is one of the best schools because it's part of every school and the part of a good amount of health to keep you going in battles and good spells to help out, such as hydra, chimera, judgement and loremaster. etc. At first in balance it might seem boring to play with balance but get around level 30 and higher and you will get to like balance even more.

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