Well, I just like to say, even though that malistaire is the last boss in the storyline, he isn't that hard. The hard part is how much health they equal all together. It equals about 15,000 health which is A LOT! User: MichaelghostbringerNicholas 18:11, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Cool Lead-Up...

I have a level 50 Ice character that completed al the quests that lead to Malistaire. I took my 7 year daughter (she has a 37 storm character) to the final area. I can't begin to tell how fun it was for both us the share that experience. She loves the game and has talked about fighting Malistaire all summer long. Well, we finally did it. The lead-up to him was fun as well. Having to figure out the 3 crystals to unlock the door was a challenge. Then killing the 2 guardians to open Malistaires door was too cool. Needless to say, we rocked and destroyed Malistaire and his minions in one round of fighting, well my daughter ran out of cards but we still managed to finish him off. Great plot and finish to an awesome game. Waiting for Celesta, woot!!

Brian Byrdsong


Good for you. I hope you had fun with your daughter. I love seeing and hearing about family fun in the game, it almost makes me cry. :)


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