Fire Dragon Quest Line

At Level 48, a Fire Mage will get summoned to return to the Fire School. There, Dalia will praise the Fire mage as her favorite student, (Which she probably has told every single level 48) and offers one final spell from her School. I missed the names of the quests for the spell, but here's the breakdown.

Quest 1

Revisit past Fire Bosses and prove your worth.

  • Defeat Alicane Swiftarrow - yes, at level 48 you have to go back and smack this rank 3 boss again.
  • Defeat Biti Nirini - Another low level smack down.
  • Defeat a Sunbird in Chelsea Court
  • Defeat Ember Everburn in MooShu

Quest 2

3 Quick Delivery Quests. See to Pierre Gallantmane Use the Kiln in one of the shops in the Atheneum, Dragonspyre Return to Pierre Gallantmane Return to Dalia Falmea for the final quest

Quest 3

Time to roll another boss...again Defeat Mavra Flamewing

(Mavra is the boss from the Plaza of Conquests who has two Poxes who do nothing but cast shields on Mavra.)
(Strategy: Load up on Fire Elves, Fire Elementals, and Scorches. These DoT spells will help mitigate the Fire Shields, Tower Shields, and Elemental shields the poxes put up and the Elemental Minion will add even more DoTs. Hopefully the Minion will target Mavra and you can waste her first. Otherwise you will have to do without his flood of fire elves, but still want to concentrate on taking her down while the Poxes have 3 targets to spread their shields around on.)

Return to Dalia for your spell

Done! You now have the most powerful Fire School Spell. Now go find that Rank 1 Unicorn Way pixie and waste her with your phenomenal cosmic power!

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