Does anyone actually use this spell? Is it helpful?

I use this particular spell at least once in every battle. Great for getting one hit kills in a very short amount of turns. CoRaRi

This is probably the best spell in the game (for PvE) at least at higher levels. There are lots of bosses with large health pools. The way to kill them is to stack large attacks. Adding an extra 70% to an attack that is already boosedted to say 2000 dam really makes a difference. The extra 30% dam you take is not all that much a concern, since mobs dont know how to stack large attacks, you have to watch out with using fient when mobs have already stacked blades and traps. One of the best times to use it is when you already have a DoT on you so it only triggers for a small increase. Since straring dragonspyre I have put the max 5 Feints in my deck, thougt i mostly duo with my wife, I still think id want them for soloing, the extra heal on drains more than make up for the extra dam you take, as long as you dont actually die before getting your drain off. It does however require woorking well with people if not soloing, since other people may end up wasting it on small attacks. Milvang 11:02, January 15, 2010 (UTC)

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