Experience Running Count

Note: This running count includes the quests Tutorial and Enrollment. It gives a running minimum count for gold, experience (including level), spells, and equipment gained through the Storyline Quests only. It does not include any equipment or clothing bonuses for the equipment listed. It does not include any drop items or spells gained through spell quests or through trainers. It does incorporates information from the Level Chart and the Experience Chart.

GoldXPLevelSchoolHealthManaPowerPip%SpellsT. PointsHatRobeBootsWandAthameAmuletRingPetDeckHousingTreasureCardBadges
5 43 2 BalanceLogo 507 17 0 Scarab, Elemental Shield 1 SecretReward Starter Deck Ravenwood Banner
DeathLogo 474 Dark Sprite, Death Trap SecretReward Starter Deck
FireLogo 437 Firecat, Fireblade SecretReward Starter Deck
IceLogo 531 SecretReward, Freeze SecretReward Starter Deck
LifeLogo 487 SecretReward, Minor Blessing Fairy's Wand Starter Deck
MythLogo 447 SecretReward, Golem Minion Antiquated Wand
StormLogo 416 Thunder Snake, Lightning Strike Charged Wand

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Very easy quest simply talk to all of the teachers and get a free card. This will also give you some time to see what you want you secondary school to be.

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