Sven Stonebreaker

Sven sells a variety of wands to suit the needs of Wizards of any school. All are reasonably priced, but don't expect anything too flashy.


Shopping District

Gives quest

Ends quest

Sven's Wand Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Wand of the Novice 40 Gold
Wand of the Novice.png
Ancient Wand 240 Gold
Ancient Wand.png
Graven Wand 240 Gold
Graven Wand.png
Runed Wand 240 Gold
Runed Wand.png
Doomwand 240 Gold
Antique Wand 240 Gold
Antique Wand.png
Razorwire Wand 240 Gold
Razorwire Wand.png
Wand of the Dawn 240 Gold
Wand of the Dawn.png
Lollipop Wand 250 Gold
Lollipop Wand.png

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